Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day of double happiness

Have you heard about Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian?
"These two martyrs were twin brothers from Syria who lived in the fourth century. They were very famous students of science and both became excellent doctors. Cosmas and Damien saw in every patient a brother or sister in Christ. For this reason, they showed great charity to all and treated their patients to the best of their ability. Yet no matter how much care a patient required, neither Cosmas nor Damien ever accepted any money for their services. For this reason, they were called by a name in Greek which means "the penniless ones."


                                          Guava paste rollata - rocambole de goiabada

                                          Chocolate coffee cake with coconut fudge

                                         White pave - lady fingers soaked on pastry cream

                                             Strawberrie and chocoltae Pave with Maria cookies

                                          Vatapa - sea food puree with coconut milk and palm oil, cashews and ginger.

                                         Paper bag filled with candies and goodies in honor to Sao Cosme e Sao Damiao.

                                           Orange and cheese coffee cake

                                          Cakes and tortas at a Brazilian pastry shop in Brasilia - my hometown. Sweet Planet!

                                         'Cosme e Damiao party favor bags reday to be held to the kids.

                                         Chocolate flan....rich and ultra delicious. 

                                         Sophisticated dessert in Florence. Happiness in Italian.


                                       The gentleman above is a public figure in Brasilia, where he sells home made cakes or 'coffe cakes' (like Americans say) of many different flavors and sometimes different tops. He has never done any other thing in his life. His kiosk has been in Guara Market for 30 years and he has some of the best cakes in town. You can buy juts a slice and  it cots a U$ 1.00, and they are DALICIUUS! The most  important of all  is that the highlight of his business is him. He is polite, engaging, fun, happy and so charismatic that on a first  'cake' bite you truly believe that those cakes are the best cakes you ever tried on your entire life.

                                    Today is a very important day for me. I am a 'priest' of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian ('Cosme e Damiao' in Portuguese) and all my thoughts today in homage to the twin saints go to Mr. Joseph, a.k.a 'Seu Ze do bolo" or as the cake guy.  Mr. Joseph has the essence of the twin saints on his soul, on his heart and I hope he can serve his clientele for many years to come.  Thank you for the wonderful cakes and the genuine smile you greeted me every time I stopped by your kiosk. 

Viva Cosme e Damiao e o seu mundo de doces, cores, brincadeiras e risadas infindaveis.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My new pace

To all my readers:

I had to go under a surgery of Appendectomy last week and I will need 2 weeks to recover and hope get back in shape. 
It wasn't anything complicated and I am already at home resting.
I will announce the winner of the random drawing towards to the end of this month and will post another task for the next drawing.

Live, Love, Laugh and Create !

See u you here soon on my new pace, 

Fernando Dasilva.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Knoxville for JTV and Beadalon

I was back home form Bead and Button on the 13th but not for too long.
I had only few days to finish few projects and then get ready to head to Knoxville, TN, to appear on Jewel School Television.

On Friday, 17th, somehow I missed my early flight and got there in the afternoon. I was welcomed by two wonderful people, got a quick tour (amazing facility) and then my friends Margot and Drew Potter picked me up on my hotel and took me for dinner in the downtown area. We went to a fabulous place in the Market square and we had a great time. I worked on samples on Saturday and the next day I debuted on live TV next to Kim (hostess) and Margot Potter. It was an incredible experience!

The picture above was taken by my friend Robert Locarno...form his screen straight form Nocona, Texas (just one hour outside of Dallas). Thanks, Robert! I look good on TV !!! lol

Inside of JTV playing with a bucket loaded of fabulous semi-precious stones...just like a candy jar.

Drew Potter and I bonding. I look so big next to him....you dropped tons of pounds, dude! Stop it!

Margot and Avalon Potter and myself...sharing good moments. And Avalon looks amazing! The little girl is gone...

Fabulous place, nice atmosphere, great decor, great food...very hype! I can't remember the name of it! Aging is not good...

My dish: pork ribs, plantains, and rice and beans...Cuban roots. Very yummi!

OMG: James was not only one of the most handsome "gingers" that I've ever seen it but very charismatic and provided us a great time.
I couldn't resist asking him to strike a pose...he is totally in tune with this blog. lol
The picture was taken by Madge Potter.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Modern Expressions" does Bead and Button Show 2011

Thanks to the efforts of Beadalon, my book "Modern Expressions"  had a strong presence during the fantabulous and unique "Bead and Button Show" held last week  in Milwaukee. 
I was caught by assault when somebody told me that one of the projects from the book was in the show program through a full page advertise posted by Beadalon. 
The design is called "Spatial Spheres" and features one of my favorites stringing wire of all times made by Beadalon - the 49 Strand .024" white. The back of the design was modified from the original version in the book for the ad - it showcases a nice combo of textured chain sold through Beadalon. The credits to my publisher North Light Books/FW Media  were displayed in the ad and it brought lots of people to the booth to check it out. Modular Montana blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal beads added lots of light between rings of wire, pierced metal and acrylic beads.
For an extra touch of glamour I hired a local model to be at the booth on Friday from 2 to 4pm to handle the "purchase free" forms for a random drawing of a copy of the book and a full kit to make "Spatial Spheres".  Copies of the book were donated by FWMedia and the free kit is sponsored by Beadalon, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and this blogger.

Once again, many thanks to Beadalon, FW Media and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for adding more unforgettable moments to my career.

Lilian from Nature Beads trying "Velvet Underground" from "Modern Expressions". She had the perfect outfit for it.

Okay...here is the thing: my friend Lilian, owner of Nature Beads, was all over my pieces and she decided to try many on.
On this picture she is wearing "Back to the future", a necklace made with tubing and inserts bought at a hardware store. Fabulous sterling silver claps were generously donated by Atrbeads.com. Lilian proved me that the necklace was done perfectly. It seemed tailored for her neckline.  The secret here is that special Brazilian flair. Worrrrk it ! 
Oh...and crowning Lilian's head, an iconic piece designed by Katie Hacker..silver splendor...that design is a staple.

I gladly autographed a complimentary copy of my book, donated generously by FWMedia to the lady above. She purchased Beadalon products beyond the minimum amount and was awarded by my diy jewelry guide. In the background a luscious necklace designed by fellow designer Margot Potter for Beadalon. ...tons of SE crystal beads and 49 Strand gold-plated Beadalon wire rings. One of my favorites by Madge.

Jill and this blogger striking a pose and in the background Artistic Wire...a must have on any designer's table these days.  Wrap it! Bend it! Fold it! Straight it! and wrap it again.

"...I gotta be a star..." Well, I know I will have my Andy Warhol moment...it's coming!

Jill wearing a necklace made with three shades of exposed stringing wire and a crystallized shirt made by SE to promote the book.
Fabulous pose and smile! Thanks, dahling...you added glamour to our booth.

Signing fort a random drawing. In the nackground Steve and Meredith working.

A front overview of Beadalon's booth and the station created for my book...loaded with some of the projects for the book,  a rejected necklace originally designed for the book (on the black neck display - made with rubi and pink tourmaline and a twisted Murano Glass pendant), our ballot for the random drawing and towards to the left side on the front table a fresh and voluptuous necklace created recently by me for John Bead Corp.
I thought I should have something current and trendy so people know that I am still in business...ahahaha. The necklace will have its own story...it's fun, out of the box and very haute couture... it deserves a post by itself...but the major reason for been with me during the show was because I used Elasticity to build the flower beaded rings and many people asked me about it...stretching cord always intrigues people on how to work with it. It has never given me any problem. I love it! 

On the corner left, among some of my designs is the winner of the Katiedids contest...Lilian Chen designed an ultra modern and voluptuous necklace loaded with Katiedids and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS....final result: she won first place. Clever application of the components created by fellow designer Katie Hacker exclusively for Beadalon.

The lady above with that big smile was at our booth watching Wyatt's demo and decided t stick around...she end uo buying tons of Beadalon products at the show and came back to get her copy of "Modern Expressions". What a treat!

The  lady with me is from Japan and she purchased Beadalon products during the show to get   also her complimentary copy of the book. Signed and personalized by me straight to her heart.

The lady above was the second person who exceeds the minimum purchase number and was entitled to win an autographed copy of "Modern Expressions" as a complimentary gift. 

All photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2011. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day with style!

I am slowly getting back to business after the fabulous, fun but exhausting CYS Cruise.  It was totally worthy and pictures will be posted here soon.
I want to celebrate Mother's Day with a few more designs spotlighting big focal heart pieces to emulate all the unconditional love that only mothers are capable to offer without expectation.

If you are a mother, Happy Mother's Day to you, and if you are a kind of mother or act like a big mother with all the people who surrounds your day to day life Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

Thanks mom!
Obrigado maeinha e bencao!

Vintage textured faux pearl heart  bead, chili peppers, Czech peacock bead and gun metal chain.

Do you know the best way to make low-end gemstones beads to look like a million bucks? Adding SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to it. On the necklace above triple strand of gold rutilated quartz, faceted cherry chalcedony, golden shade polygon crystal beads and pink crystal "Miss your heart" focal pendant both by SWAROVSKI ELEMETS.
Wire wrapped work done on detachable drop by Wyatt White.

Gold-plated spacer bead, charm and toggle clasp by Tierra Cast thorough John Bead Corporation-Canada. Stones strung onto 19 Strands Beadalon gold color stringing wire.

Focal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS "Miss your heart" crystal pink.

Earrings made with sterling silver cone ends by Stars Clasps, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal heart  pendants, cubic zircon round beads, cherry chalcedony and squaredeles.
Necklace posted previously featuring white howlite and white coral beads.

Faceted dark raspberry glass roundelles and high end Murano glass milefiliore heart pendant and focal bead both by  Murano Glass. 

All designs and photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010 / 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Katie's Beading Blog: Announcing: Katiedids™ Design Contest!!

Katie's Beading Blog: Announcing: Katiedids™ Design Contest!!: "During the month of April, I'm partnering with Beadalon to launch the first-ever Katiedids Design Contest. Showcase your creativity usin..."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book giveaway entry

My beloved readers, I know it has been a long time since I shared with you my last adventure and I have left you without a new post for a long season, but it's difficult to manage two blogs with so much going on. I am bringing good news. 

Beadalon is promoting my book this week with a fabulous giveaway.
You juts have to visit Beadalon's page on Facebook and answer the trivia question...very easy!

The winner will get an autographed copy of "Modern Expressions - creating fabulous and fashionable jewelry" and a black cotton t-shirt with it's tile made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal transfers...just like is shown in the picture below.

Good luck!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashes from CHA Winter Show 2011

My appearance at CHA inter Show in Los Angeles this year a was fast and furious.
I was literally there just for 3 events and did not have time to walk the floor and check out what's was going on.

Below are shots from my book signing events and a jewelry contest hosted by Margot Potter and I at the F+W Media booth.

Patricia Smith modelling for "Modern Expressions" book signing at the Beadalon booth during CHA Winter Show 2011- Los Angeles. Patricia is the daughter of a dearest friend who lives in LA and assisted me during those events.
It was fabulous having her wearing some of the pieces from the book since I cannot wear them myself. She was styled by Wyatt White and I.
On the big display one of my pieces form the exhibition "Orixas- mother nature"held in NYC in 2009. The neck piece is a homage to Yansa, goddess of winds and lightning.

Getting books ready to be signed. 
Copies of the book were donated by my publisher as a courtesy to the attendees.

Pam and Julie form Tierra Cast findings were the first two people who stopped by to check out the book and wish me all the best.

Beadalon's Product Manager and Director of Education Wyatt White surrounded by Patrica Smith and Janet Christy. 

A close up on Wyatt and patricia. Glamour girl!

Second book signing of the day at the F+W Media booth at CHA.
Patricia Smith is wearing "Bougainvillea" a lush necklace loaded with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals in pinks, reds, opals, greige and padparadscha. 
Daliciuuslee beautiful! 
(inside of the white bowl, my already traditional Brazilian bonbons "Sonho de Valsa" - must giveaway during my book events).

Attendees at the F+W Media booth working their minds and imagination on creating a piece of jewelry using the components donated by some sponsors.

Above is a glance at the lay out that captures my attention at first sight and the lady who created that end up being the winner.

BeadalonBlue Moon BeadsJewel TV and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS donated jewelry components so the attendees could pick their faves and create something right there.

The 1st place winner of the jewelry contest competition. She had never made a single piece of jewelry and Margot and I really liked how she put all components together. The competition was about creating a look that would capture our design vision, and she did it!
Congratulations, darling!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


CHA - Craft and Hobby Association Show
Saturday, Jan 29th

Launching of
"Modern Expressions - creating fabulous and fashionable jewelry"

At 11:00 AM in the Beadalon, booth # 501.

I will be kicking off the celebrations of my first solo book with the company that has been with me since my first days in the DIY market.
I will be signing copies of the book and showcasing some of the designs.
Stop by and let's chat about what is in and what is out.

If you can't make the morning gig, come to F + W booth 2234 , at 1:00pm for an afternoon of jewelry extravaganza.

Book signing and display of "Modern Expressions" designs.

At 2:00pm, fellow jewelry designer and author Margot Potter and I will host a jewelry contest. Contestants will make a jewelry piece at the booth in 20 minutes. The winner, picked by Margot and I will be awarded a special prize. This event is sponsored by Beadalon and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS . Both companies donated all the components that will be available to play with.

If you are planning to walk the show, make the time to stop by and enter the world of
"Modern Expressions".
Your support will be deeply appreciated.

See you there!