Thursday, May 21, 2009

"EXPOSED" @ Create Your Style Website

My first published book, co authored with fellow designers Katie Hacker and Margot Potter got a page at Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™  Swarovski Elements website.
This book highlights 50 designs made with regular jewelry components used, in special, stringing wire manufactured by Beadalon®  all framed by top quality crystal components by Swarovski, an iconic brand itself. 
In 2 weeks I will be at the Bead and Button™  Show in Milwaukee promoting the book at the Crystallized booth. 
If you are in the area stop by to meet me in person and celebrate the world of CRYSTALLIZED™ .

Following is a glance on some of my designs made specially for this book. 

Oh, Betsey necklace - wrapped jet and pink wire.

Blue lagoon bracelet - an over the top conception for a charm style bracelet - grey pearls and Montana blue crystals.

Lady of the rings necklace - chain maille style necklace inspired by Miranda Otto's character in "The Lord of the rings" movie.

Locomotion necklace - double ball chain weaved with silver plated stringing wire.  This idea born from images from my childhood of railroads and freight, love,love!!!


chinamomxtwo said...

Locomotion is my fave!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Lady of the Rings is completely gorgeous!

Fernando Dasilva said...

Tks to both of you for the comments.

To Chinamom: "locomotion" is simple and yet intriguing since show the double ball chain applied differently.

To Melissa:
Tks, "Lady of the rings" is one of my faves among all of my pieces for "Exposed" and it can be paired with a serious evening dress or it can be worn with dark jeans and light wide collar tee and high heels.



denny said...

The stuff is gorgeous! When's the book coming to Canada?

Fernando Dasilva said...


I am not sure about it. I will find out and let you know.
Thanks for the compliments!