Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous fashion around the globe

Necklaces designed by jeweller from Orvieto - Italy. Creative and unique one-of-a kind metal components. Polished and brushed sterling silver and stones. Graduation galore.
Three times Chic!  

Leather bracelets from Brasilia-Brazil. Flea market.

Chic, sophisticated and high-fashion jewelry by Daniel Espinosa. Mexico City- Mexico. Braided satin cord and polished gold-plated over sterling silver charms.

Big smile and big style by paparazzi in Mexico City- Mexico. All works for him.



All photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.
Jewelry worn on the third picture by Daniel Espinosa-Mexico © 2010. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Italy in November

The trip to Italy during the Thanksgiving week was incredible and once again we have experienced so many great things. I couldn't resist taking pictures of so many places and stuff and I selected few clicks to share with you here.
A sweetest spread impossible. 

Last time we were in Italy I careless for the pastries, desserts and gelatos. This time I was speechless because all we've tried was beyond delicious. My favorites were the cornetos a la crema and tart di fruti  from Leon Blanc, one of the most fabulous pastry shop in Florence. However, al the pictures above were taken at one of the best gelateria in downtown Florence. To die for!

All photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Collections

Oriented by the desire of creating an easy-to-wear line structured by colored chains, charms, tassels and sparkling glamour, my Holiday Collection is available for view and purchase through my website.
Using gun metal, gold and silver plated components and exquisite crystal beads and pendants from the Swarovski Elements assortment the variety of looks is wide and incredibly feminine and sexy. 
You will also find 2 amazing rings designed by Wyatt White and now available for purchase through my brand.
The collection will help any woman to make the most of her wardrobe considering that accessorizing is  the key to awe your friends during these cheerful season.

  above item# NHOLI06 

above item# EHOLI04

All designs and photos copyrighted by Fernando Dasilva  © 2010.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

News stand chic

On my last trip to Sao Paulo, I was impressed with the elegance of this gentleman. He owns a newsstand   
in the Frei Caneca area. It's not usual to find a newsstand owner well dressed with such taste. He is very confident of himself and knows what works for him. The shoes add a touch of formal to a pretty casual combo of pants and long sleeve shirt. The bracelet in leather and 18k gold caught my eyes instantly and I love the big modern watch - a trend that has been seen a lot lately in  Brazil.  Mr. Gradiz was kind enough to pose for this blogger.

And then I was so excited about this bracelet and thought that it was a genuine men jewelry piece designed by some fabulous Brazilian designer...wrooonnnng! He told me he bought it during his last vacation trip to Cancun. Imagine my face?!? Regardless the source it was cool to see guys well groomed on daily basis. An if during your next trip to Sao Paulo you see yourself around the Frei Caneca neighborhood stop by at his office to say hello and buy cool mags.

Mr. Gradiz
Banca de Revistas Violeta
Rua Matias Aires 95
Consolacao/Cerqueira Cesar
Sao Paulo

Photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Swarovski Ambassador Training

Many times writing for a blog obligates you to be current as much as possible...I like to be current and fresh when I can make that a spontaneous and gratifying act. My career is not well disciplined and I don't manage my time very well. I was in Brazil for a month, from end of August to almost end of September dealing with personal issues and little bit of work.
I got back one day and the next day I flew to Cranston-Rhode Island to be part of the Swarovski Ambassador Training. After I got back I had to dedicate all my time to finish new designs for a customer and, two weeks after that, I was in Mexico City working for a manufacturer. So time went by so fast that I did not manage to blog from the road and add all the news from Swarovski earlier on this space, and that's why I am doing it just now.

The CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS division was launching the Innovations  for Autumn/Winter 2011/12. It was a fabulous event! A group f designers got together for the first time to bond and to talk about trends, new ideas, projects and goals. The Swarovski team treated us like family and we all felt really good about our partnership with Swarovski through the CREATE YOUR STYLE division.

I personally feel honored by having one of the most luxurious brands in the world sponsoring my design projects and endorsing my creative vision.

As fars as the products, the new shapes of beads stones, pendants and more and more, and the new colors pleased a lot my personal aesthetic.
I am a huge fan of yellow and smoky shades, so the new "Crystal silver night" and "Sunflower" gave  me plenty of inspirations. 
Crystal silver night = Elizabeth Taylor,  Cate Blanchet 

Sunflower = Julia Roberts, Jenifer Lopez

For some reason I made a small board with names of world celebrities that those two new colors remind me of and I came up with those. It's not important if in real life those colors are not appealing to them, but it's exciting for my creative process that those colors takes me to that world of beauty, glamour and stardom that those ladies exudes when walking the red carpet. This is Swarovski on its roots.

Many of the new shapes are extremely cool but here are my favorites (among the sample I got it) : lol

The ethereal existence of a butterfly now translated into a incredible and deep stone...joining the family of pendants and beads. 

It can't getter more Irish than this universal symbol of luck, we Latins love it! Can't wait for bigger sizes so the cuts can be really noticed.

Hexagon sew-on stone - another modern and somehow futuristic.  

Lucerna bead - soon it's going to be in the list of favorites of may designers. Amazing cut and substantial. Architecturally modern.

Sphinx eye stone., misterious and's time to start setting stones.

The next pictures are few of the trend flags of the fabulous and magical world of  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Atumn/Winter 2011/2012.

acrylic, crystal meshes and crystal yarn

trims, crystal rock and crystal fabric, new additions to the "fusion concept" family

feathers and crystals

last two showcasing a froting, icy trend, a mixed of fur, fabrics, crystals and subdued shades

Pictures by Fernando Dasilva. 


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food in Brazil

I want to share with you some pictures I took of what I was eating below the tropics and eventually drinking during my last trip to Brazil.AS usual nothing fancy...juts very well done, healthy, happy, colorful and most of important of all totally DALICIUUS!!! 

Truly comfort food!

At my mom's kitchen a bowl with a type of potato that is yummy, it's called "batata baroa".

A "pattiserie" in Brasilia... cakes and pies to die for.

Above: Specially homemade chocolate  flan..beyond your imagination.

Above: one of the most popular appetizers in Brazil...frango a passsarinho...garlic deep fried chicken. Perfect match with a very cold beer.

This is at my mom's kitchen and I was getting ready to make a fish stew Brazilian style - with coconut milk and several spices. The fish is called "Tucunare"...fresh water fish.

Above was one of my meals at a flee market in Guara.  A combo of several Brazilian dishes all together.

Above: a must have. It's a famous appetizer that brought lots of recognition for this really cozy place. The dish is called "envolvente que empolga"..pls don't ask me to translate because it's more like a sentence... What's in it?
Hard boiled quail egg wrapped with a thin slice of bacon and then deep fried. Exquisite! A temptation!

I don't want to make you guys jealous but the next picture is a total luxury.  A friend of mine cooked for me and it was a banquet. Lots of good stuff, white sautĂ© rice, okra and green bean casserole, pinto beans and saffron chicken.

And to get all that in place I drank lots of coconut water and a Brazilian cafezinho to finish off on a laid back way.

If you have a chance go to Brazil on your next vacation. You will fall in love!

Monday, August 16, 2010

To the unveiled

For the healing of our sorrows and a touch of beauty.  

A  TO  TO   





Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoppping till you drop

My website now - now with a real-virtual shopping cart!
I finally have a shopping cart on my website. Thank to a very good friend, I am able to offer customers a nice shopping experience and better than that, a huge  summer clearance is on until Fall. You can find a nice variety of jewelry made with semi-precious stones and a youth yet chic street-wear collection.
A touch of metallic glass beads was added recently to the web because I couldn't resist the alluring colors and prints of some of these fabulous and eccentric peacock beads.
Below some of my favorite pieces of my website.
Please stop by and take advantage of the summer discount to give to yourself a daliciuus Fernando Dasilva's original...or surprise somebody you love with one of my pieces.

XoXo !!!

Multi-strand necklace with Swarovski Elements crystals, lime citrine briolettes and sea-blue chalcedony fancy cut drops. Sterling silver 5 rings bar clasp with adjustable chain - hand knotted.

Tropical wood, Czech peacock glass beads, aluminum chain and a touch of Swarovski Elements. 26 inches long.

Brushed vermeil tooth pendant, Kiwi jasper, Swarovski Elements and chrisophrase on gold plated chain.

All designs and images by Fernando Dasilva© 2010.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sexy hoops

Today, I am showing a selection of hoop earrings created by me during the last 6 years. I consider hoops fun, sexy and easy to wear. They can add a touch of femininity to a very casual outfit and   a touch of glam to a nightgown as well.

Gold filled hoops with gold plated charms and chain.

14 ky gold filled hoops with peridot and fresh water pearls.

14 ky gold filled, ruby and cherry chalcedony briolettes.

Gold plated flat circles wrapped with colored wire and Swarovski yarn,  lemon citrine and Swarovski crystals. Earrings featured on the book "Earrings, earrings, earrings" by DRG.

14k gold, tanzanite, aquamarine and blue lace agate. 

Sterling silver and peridot  beads. Unfinished.

My friend and customer from Dallas wearing a one-of-a-kind chandelier earrings made with faceted carnelian coins, turquoise briolettes and vermeil components. One of my favorites creations ever. Love big and long earrings. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last pop media influenza

I am in love with some of the new ads I"ve seen in the magazines lately. It's been a while since I posted my last magazine cover influenza. Below are few of the ones I've been digging it. 

I am totally in love with Drew Barrymore ads for Cover Girl... they are chic, clean and modern...beautiful styling, make up, hair and I love this color took me back to a necklace I created for the lastes Beadalon catalog where I played with the same colors.

The look on this necklace is economic but the intention was to showcase the white stringing wire by Beadalon - that is one of my favorites ever...of course Swarovski Elements add glamour  all over it and the carved bone flower pendants bring enough Spring mood for the year round.

On the cover of "Departures" the same color palette was applied but here the sepia effect of black and white toned down the vibrant yellow that was used on the issue title "Summer" and text. I think you could wear my necklace on that place and you would blend with it. Chicer impossible!

Now let's jump to some hotter places - get ready!!! lol

I like a lot this Calvin Klein ad. It's a very rich black and white look and the round something behind the model adds lots of geometry and balance to the photo...lots of texture and geometry of the outfit was nicely framed by the pose and his strong face.

Model and Victoria Secrets angel Adriana Lima is looking gorgeous on this fashion spread - sexy and demure at the same time... if that is possible. She is one my favorite models on activity these days. 

Above is a LV ad with Raquel Zimmerman on the first plane...she looks amazing and she is been all over the place. You can find Raquel in many of the top notch fashion ads lately. Love the color palette here- beige and neutrals with seems like the sensuality of the 50's  is IN.

The ad above is the coolest that I've seen lately. I would never could possibly imagine that one day a  guy would replace the famous pin up girls who traditionally were featured on martinis ads. Smart, fun and sexy! 

Well, next one will steer things up more and more!

The guy below is Marlon Teixeira, a Brazilian model (yes, we will take over the world...waaatch!!! ch!!!) who's worked with the best of best of the fashion world in such short time and he is 20 but actually he doesn't have a boyish face. 

Unfortunately (?) I cannot say anything about his outfit but the necklace looks gorgeous and beyond Ipanema! Must to be a trend all those black and white ads...I like it.
At the end of the day is really nice to see all these fabulous Brazilian faces doing so well.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to look at things beyond your might find inspiration in unexpected places.


"Departures" cover photograph by Sally Gall with hand lettering by Lynn Hofner.
Adriana Lima photographed by Willy Vanderperre for  "V" magazine, styling by Oliver Rizzo.
Raquel Zimmerman for Louis Vuitton.
Marlon Teixeira photographed by Matthew Scrivens for Armani Exchange Summer 2010.