Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Beginning today, the "Muse of all seasons" and Brazilian diva Gal Costa will be performing at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NY - Manhattan. 
Located in the heart of the West Village, The Blue Note  is the stage for all the big names of the jazz scene and Mrs. Costa has entered this very restricted world being herself and doing what she does best: singing.

Gal was born to sing like the most rare tropical wild bird and its a blessing to testify how she has kept the purity and lightness, swing and phrasal rhythm of her craft in perfect condition for somebody who has been in this business for over 40 years.

Gal now is not only the muse of Tropicalism or the most loyal translation of Joao Gilberto's music but Gal Costa  has established herself as a Brazilian cultural legacy and I am happy for having her as my all time singer.

Gal has not only influenced many other singers who started after her but has also created a singing school that has been followed by generations, who tried to emulates Gal on their style, on their repertoire and on their attitude.

Her name is Gal is she is the best singer of my world.

If you live in New York or visiting don't miss the chance to check Gal Costa and Romero Lubambo's acoustic performance.  I guarantee you: It will be a gift for your body and soul.

Check the Blue note website for performances schedule. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brazilian National Day in NY

Manhattan was Brazilianized on  August 31th.
The Brazilian  Independence Day is celebrated on September 7Th but the organizers decided to celebrate a week earlier this year. Lots of street vendors, food, dance and beautiful people accessorizing the famous Little Brazil and its surrounds. 

I was there enjoying the party for the first time in 8 years. I loved it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gal Costa at The Blue Note

My ultimate Brazilian diva will be performing in New York City next week. She will be playing The Blue Note- the most traditional Jazz Club of all times. 

Gal will be sharing the stage with Romero Lubambo, a guitar virtuoso. 
If you are in New York don't miss the chance to see a truly amazing artist who has been in business for over 40 years. 
Her music is the soundtrack of my life and I will be there once again. 
For more information on performance schedules visit the Blue Note website. 

Check out the video bar here with different moments of Gal's carrer. 

Saints Cosmas and Damian

The twin Saints have a huge number of followers in Brazil and their devotees  give away candies, toys and clothes to homeless children and orphanages around the country every September 27Th. In some houses brown bags filled with candies and all kinds of sweet treats are given to kids that knock at their doors. Like everything else, the cult to the twins Saints in Brazil has been fused with African religion and both segments celebrate with the same faith, lots of food and music and happiness. The twin saints have a reputation of blessing their devotees with health, prosperity, abundance, youth and lots of joy. 

Shall Cosme and Damian bless us with youth, energy and health !!!

Salves as criancas!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Jewelry by Fernando Dasilva

Necklace for the bride made with rhodium plated chain and sectioned by white fresh water pearls and accented with 9 top drilled natural quartz marquise drops.

Earrings made with rhodium plated CZ's clippers, Crystallized™ elements and fancy cut natural quartz.

This designer and blogger with the gorgeous bride wearing a subtle jewelry set made to match her royal dress.  I was honored to be part of her special day.

Above, one of the 3 designs created for the bridesmaids...the idea was to have all of of them wearing the same gemstones and metal color but create different looks with it to make it more special... also it's important to create pieces that can be worn after the ceremony...in another words, make something  that can be DALICIUUS  daily.

Three of the seven bridesmaids bedazzled by this designer. The natural beauty of these 3 goddesses called for simplicity and class. Around their necks rhodium plated silver chain, green amethyst drops and multicolored green tourmaline roundel ls.

Make your client happy adapting your style to her(his) and then keep your design aesthetic flexible. Remember that when you're designing for a wedding it's all about the bride...it's the most special day of her life. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun Lariats (long necklaces) - How to wear it?

This lariat was made with Murano glass pendant, Crystallized™ elements with Swarovski and Beadalon® substantial cable chain.
This necklace can dress you up or dress you down.
The style above call for caftans and long Summer dresses in clear colors. 

This is the same necklace shown previously but here it looks more sexy and dressy. Think "v" neck tops or strapless dress. If you are Brazilian, think very sexy and tight Levi's, high heels and a seductive top that expose your cleavage and then be daliciuus !!!


The lariat below was made to showcase the center piece, a Bella Venetian "Missoni" diagonal glass pendant. I named it watermelon pendant and I added 2 CZ Gem dropz to complement the center piece.

Bella murano glass

The Bead Fest Show Summer 2008 was great. The first 2 days the place was packed of people looking for beads, finished jewelry, kits and of course bargains.

Beadalon gave away tons of new catalogs and the public acceptance of the new products was wonderful.
I found a new company that sells beads from Brazil, Ecuador(Amazon area)..the beads are naturally picked on the ground and the production is green and environmentally safe..thank, God! The company name's is Acai beads and you can check their website for a variety of cool beads.

Once again, I bought few pieces form Bella Venetian beads. This company is owned by a lovely couple, Kathy and David Fox. Their inventory of  Murano glass beads is incredible and they have tons of colors, shapes and reasonable prices. 

I didn't have time to make many new pieces during the show but I made 2 lariats using  2 fabulous BIG beads by Bella Venetian. You can check both of them on the next post. Again, I do buy jewelry components only from companies that treat me well and David gives an outstanding customer service.