Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Jewelry by Fernando Dasilva

Necklace for the bride made with rhodium plated chain and sectioned by white fresh water pearls and accented with 9 top drilled natural quartz marquise drops.

Earrings made with rhodium plated CZ's clippers, Crystallized™ elements and fancy cut natural quartz.

This designer and blogger with the gorgeous bride wearing a subtle jewelry set made to match her royal dress.  I was honored to be part of her special day.

Above, one of the 3 designs created for the bridesmaids...the idea was to have all of of them wearing the same gemstones and metal color but create different looks with it to make it more special... also it's important to create pieces that can be worn after the another words, make something  that can be DALICIUUS  daily.

Three of the seven bridesmaids bedazzled by this designer. The natural beauty of these 3 goddesses called for simplicity and class. Around their necks rhodium plated silver chain, green amethyst drops and multicolored green tourmaline roundel ls.

Make your client happy adapting your style to her(his) and then keep your design aesthetic flexible. Remember that when you're designing for a wedding it's all about the's the most special day of her life. 


Candie Cooper said...

Suuuuperb! Such a radiant spread! Great job Nando!

Fernando Dasilva said...

Thanks, Candie!

You are always lifting my spirit. Lots of love!