Friday, April 30, 2010

To die for

A very legal summer dessert prepared by WW. Refreshing, light and sweet enough...after those temptations how about another temptation:

Water served by Jesus Luz...Jesus is a Brazilian model who was booked to be in a  photo shoot with Madonna last year...the spread was for W Magazine and all the photos were taken by Steven Klein. Since then Jesus has been in the spotlight abut a shocking number of people from the fashion and modeling industry kept talking bad things about him and his modeling career.  

I honestly think he is gorgeous and he is away better model than many other Brazilians.
It's all about jealousy and bad vibe.
I am happy for him.  Now he does not only brings light but also water.
Ohhhhh, Madonna!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Copacabana nights" earrings

Hello everybody!
I am here with a freshy, sassy, sexy, breezy, airy and modern pair of earrings debuting my early Summer 2010 mood.
Inspired by the sexy girls from Rio de Janeiro and their wild summer nights here it is. Enjoy them.
The necklace was designed qite ago but it is like most of my jewelry timelessly CHIC !
And dont ever have to match but coordinates!
You can read a review of the shell pendants on my

 "Copacabana nights"earrings by Fernando Dasilva

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breakfast a la Gabriela

The sweetness of ripe bananas is always welcome anytime of the day but yesterday I treated myself with one of the most delicious breakfast delights that I've ever tried.
I skillet fried a couple of ripe plantains and forgot about bread, cookies or cereal bowl for a day and went back to the days of my rich and happy childhood.
This is a very common delight throughout the entire Northern region of Brazil and it can be enjoyed in the afternoons as well. Simple and flavorful, "banana-da-terra"* is the perfect match for a homemade cup of coffee - not expresso, nor americano, but boiled in water and sugar and strained...old fashion.
Cut them on the diagonal. Use a large skillet, melt the butter on medium heat and let the foam to subsides and then add the slices of plantains...fry on all sides until golden. Remove it to a plate and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top.

It's fantastic, exotic and Daliciuus™.
And remember Brazilians like coffee sweet as love, strong as sin and hot as hell.

* plaintain in Portuguese...its a variety of banana.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A tropical Sangria for mom

Last Saturday, I had a great time with my mom. We stayed all day at home just chatting and hunging out - we laugh, we danced and we cried....a very Almodovarian day.
She was visiting and I decided to make us a pitcher of Sangria - my special recipe.
I bought this rose wine from Spain and I added: triple sec, brandy, lime juice, lots of sugar, apples, red grapes, orange slices and lots of ice. To top the whole pitcher I added sparkling water...bubbles are always welcome!

The result is below.

Strawberries and orange slice for garnishing.  Daliciuus™ twice!

Tchim, tchim!!!