Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Above a Zac Posen gown ...fabulous window and gorgeous dress. I loved the colors and the structure of it. 

Well no Christmas time will be ever right without the sparkles and lights of Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements. This year Crystallized™ dominates the windows of SAK's 5Th Avenue flagship store. Above are some of the images taken by me during our daliciuus Black Friday day in Manhattan.


Last month I had the lowest postage ever since I created this blog. I did not manage my time very well and had  lots going on so I ended up with a pile of subjects to be posted behind. Not posting did not mean that there wasn't material. I will do my best to catch up and make this December a rich one.

December is my second favorite month of the year. In Brazil is a very festive month. We start celebrating Santa  Barbara(4Th), Our Lady of Conception( 8Th), Jesus Child, a very hot Holiday Season(it's Summer below the tropics) and Reveillon (New Year's eve) closing the month with golden key putting up one of the most exquisite outdoor celebration in the world (Rio de Janeiro at New Year's Eve is something else).

Also some of my best friends celebrate their birthday in December and it's a time to celebrate life and cheers with lots of wine and  a sparkling attitude. 

Let's dance, let's laugh, let's make love and be strong to face the future that got to be fabulous and DALICIUUS !!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Create Your Style Workshop

I will be guiding a workshop during the Create Your Style Workshops in Tucson Feb 2009.
The project is part of "Exposed"- Wire and Bead Jewelry  book published by North Light Books. The book will be available in January of 2009 and it's a collaboration project with my fellow jewelry designers Katie Hacker and Margot Potter.

The necklace featured above is luscious, vibrant and easy to make it. 
If you are heading to Tucson take the time to be part of it and meet me in person. More information about the workshops schedule and parallel events on www.create-your-style.com 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Enigmatic chocolate

I've never imagined that one day I would see one of the most famous Italian Renaissance painting being used to wrap a chocolate bar...not quite the original one. Thank, God!

I have mentioned that I buy things attracted by the colors of it's package so here is one example. This graphic version of da Vinci's Mona Lisa is funny and I see it as a great tool to bring Art next to the masses. Wegman's(a local upscale grocery chain) have released 4 different  packs, one for each flavor and all are colorful, fun and modern. Even the American flag wraps one of the flavors. 

On Mona Lisa's case I wonder how the copyrights works...
Does Wegman's have to pay copyrights to Leonardo's state or to the Italian government? 
I have no clue but I love the idea of now being able to taste that enigmatic smile on each chocolate bite that actually tastes really good. 

Pop Art can be profitable and daliciuus

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life in colors and election day

I work with colors!
I cook with colors!
I drink cocktails with colors!
I buy things based on colors!
I surround myself by colors!
Colors on the floor, colors on the walls, colors on the table, colors in my mind.
And I do believe that at the end of the rainbow there is a gold pot full of happiness, acceptance, love, peace and prosperity. Those are the most valuable things in life.

A rainbow does symbolize CHANGE, transformation, mutation and movement.
I will do my part but I will be watching it like a hunter who waits the right moment to release his arrow. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Purple Reigns

Layering necklaces still IN during this season. 
Above long and triple strand  twisted short necklaces made with smoky quartz, Crystallized ™ tanzanite drops and amethyst faceted squares with a hint of black silk. Antiqued flower with purple Crystallized™ stones set on center piece. 

Above a fun moment with tons of charms made out of beads, glass elements, Lucite and crystals. Bi color aluminum chain for a light and upbeat mood. A splash of pink and fuchsia is always welcome against that whole dark winter outfit. 

Frosted amethyst chunks spaced with dichroic glass beads and lavender chain. Two donuts of purple dyed shell and black polyester chain tithes the look. Young and classy!!!

A purple break time - a hint of peach moonstone, silk crystal and brown polyester chain - earthy enough look to hit Fall with plenty of style. 

To ensure the Spring will be back, a dark flower donut and light amethyst moment using rhodium plated chain. Adding glamour, few amethyst AB round beads.  Wrap it up and be sexy!!!

A second version of the previous b necklace - here green moss beads and brow shell donuts add texture to any wardrobe. Playing with forms and volume. The square pieces are made of black onyx - a must have stone during this cold season.

A sensual purple lariat. Wear it open or crossed up front. Amethyst and kunzite drops for a daliciuus and sophisticated woman. YOU!!! 

Above, a luscious version of previous design.....more is more. More beads...fresh water pearls, antiqued silver beads, crystals, chain, glass and  shells. An absolute certainty that I am who I am.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Exposed" coming soon

Above is the fabulous cover of "Exposed"-  a joined the forces project with Katie Hacker (cover's  design )and Margot Potter, two beloved friends and beading divas. The book will be released on January, 2009 and our publisher is North Light Books.

Margot Potter is the creator of  "The Impatient Beader™ " book series that was also published by North Light. This is Margot's 4Th title and she will be also releasing a 5Th solo title called "Beyond Beads".

Katie Hacker is a well established name in the jewelry craft industry and she has published 12 books  already. She is also a TV hostess on PBR with Beads, Baubles and Jewels .

The concept of this project was to create fashionable jewelry that appeals to a multifaceted audience spotlighting hidden findings and turning them into the center of the design. All the findings(metal components used to make any jewelry piece) are from Beadalon® and are the best and most innovative components used in the jewelry industry at this moment. Pairing with such products we have only applied Crystallized - Swarovski elements. 

I will be back to "Exposed" with more information. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Romantic and Bohemian Venice

Life could just stop on this shot.

Gondolas, gondoliers and lots of tourists passing by one of the many venetian bridges.

The almost missed sign reads "Rialto" , one of the most famous bridges lined  with shops.

"Spritz" aperitif...you will not find better spritzes in Italy but in Venice...according to locals.
It's a local cocktail made with Aperole liquor and garnished with green olive and oranges slices...very refreshing and inebriating...one of those drinks that makes you happy just for being alive.

Above FAB FOUR celebrating love! 

Weather conditions have added a rich texture all over Venice. You can see that its almost impossible to recreate some of the dazzling colors of its amazing buildings. The yellow building on this picture is an example of it. 

I am not sure but i think the statue above is a rendition of St. Giorgio. Love the triumphant aura.  

San Giorgio Maggiore seen from the waterfront by St. Mark's Square. Striking church and dreamy view.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Padova , the brain of Veneto

A golden angel blessing Padova's citizens and reaching the stars.

 Palazzo della Ragione  and its surrounds: Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta at 1:00 am. 

Santa Giusta Church  on  first plane  and Basilica of St. Anthony's  on second plane. 

Above, Prato della Valle - Once a Roman theater this piazza is very large and surrounded by fountains and statue's of Padova's eminent citizen's...beautifully manicured.

An old Castle tower.  Maybe Saint Giorgio's home in the past.

Padova is a gorgeous and worthy city full of attractions. The whole area around  Basilica St. Anthony is  Vatican lawful territory so once you stepped on the sidewalk you are in the Vatican without actually being in the Vatican. How cools is that?! Photography is prohibited inside of the church that houses many of Donatello's art works.   

We didn't get to see Scrovegni Chapel - Capella degli Scrovegni and the next time its a must see destination. This chapel houses nearly 40 of Giotto's frescoes depicting the live of Jesus and Mary. " The frescoes are considered by many the first pieces of modern art and clearly announced that Europe was breaking out of the Middle Ages. "

So much to see !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Timeless Italy - Brescia

Italian pastries - eatable dark Alps.

Jewelry displays on top of water fountain.

A private fresco inside a villa.

It is fascinating to see such quiet street and an ultra modern(still retro) Vespa parked on it. 


Brescia is located between Milan and Padova. Although it has a large industrial area the city is cozy and very charming. There is a Roman temple constructed in 74 BC- Tempio Capitolino e Teatro Romano - in the heart of the city surrounded by  many Renaissance style buildings. The duomo above is only one of the many city's opulent buildings.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gisele on Spanish Vogue

Here is the September's cover of Vogue Spain with Gisele Bundchen. She looks totally different on the pictures within. I loved the whole  sophisticated  and careless look. 

Woman in black!
She looks ultra chic on a  head to toe Balenciaga.

Chameleon qualities...those are the ones that make the difference. 

Naomi for Yves Saint Laurent

Here are 2 of the new Yves Saint Laurent ads with La Campbell and I am amazed by the plasticity of her body in conjunction with the products.

The whole art direction and styling  is top notch and she is bringing back the brand to its place. 

Talking about striking a pose!? Wow! Naomi, always Naomi! 
Sensational and daliciuus

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This post is in Portuguese and it's a gift for my Brazilians friends.


Mais uma vez eu tive a felicidade de vivenciar a voz de Gal Costa.
Acompanhada por Romero Lubambo ao violao, Gal trouxe para o pequeno palco do BN um recital que ela ja vem fazendo ha alguns anos em diversos palcos do Brasil e do mundo acompanhada pelo violonista Luis Meira. 

Nao acredito que existe algum elogio que nao tenha sido referido a arte de Gal nestes mais de 40 anos de carreira, qualquer palavra tornou-se pequena diante da grandisiosidade desta mulher. E para mim eh esta grandiosidade que me toca mais ao poder avaliar claramente e de tao perto todas as nuances na voz, na tecnica de respiracao, na divisao melodica, nos improvisos e no fraseado de Gal aos 63 anos de idade. 

Fazer um recital de voz e violao aa esta altura eh ir alem de todas as ousadias as quais Gal ja foi a protagonista.  Num recital deste tipo nao ha disfarces, ou canta-se muito ou nao canta-se nada! E Gracas a Deus  Gal faz parte do primeiro caso. Abrindo o show com "Morena dos olhos  d'agua",  Gal ja coloca-se diante do fogo e serenamente consegue apaga-lo.  Gal revisita o disco "Mina d'agua do meu canto" e eu destacaria "Vitrines" e "Lindeza" como os pontos orgasmicos do recital. "Lindeza" foi de uma beleza indescritivel. 

A segunda metade do recital foi dedicada aa obra de Tom Jobim, com uma so excessao para Ary Barroso.  Cantando alguns dos standards de Tom, Gal demonstra uma alta sofisticacao em sua tecnica que eh mais do que suficiente para fazer calar a boca de qualquer critico de musica que a acuse de apenas caminhar pelo  lugar comum dentro da obra do maestro soberano. E impossivel dizer que  Gal nao cante muito bem qualquer coisa de Tom ... cada faixa trouxe uma sutil diferenca e Romero Lubambo com seu violao ultra jazzistico contribuiu lindamente para que estas novas leituras de Gal tivessem novamente um cheiro fresco de amor. 
Nao se importando com a opiniao do NY Times que ressaltou apenas "desnecessaria" a execucao da badaladissima "Garota de Ipanema" em sua segunda estrofe em Ingles, Gal convidou a plateia para cantar com ela e o resultado foi Gal acompanhando a plateia,  que muito cheia de graca cantou toda a letra em Ingles, deixando claro que ela estava ali acima de tudo para agradar ao publico que pagou para prestigia-la.

Podemos dizer que nos ultimos anos "Aquarela do Brasil" esta para Gal Costa assim como "O que e, o que e" esta para Maria Bethania que nao a cansa de canta-la no bis de seus super produzidos shows. Desta vez Gal pintou uma aquarela com novos matizes e sem floreios ou repeticao da letra inteira. Gal usou sua garganta para improvisar junto com o violao de Romero uns sons de percussao, mas sem exageros, sem overdoses, alias o que se pode afirmar categoricamente eh que Gal hoje mora no terreno da delicadeza pois nao existem jestos bruscos de corpo nem de voz e nota-se que ela tem aparado as arestas e deixado somente o essencial em seu canto.
Parafraseando o critico do New York Times, quando Gal pronuncia as palavras terminadas em "A" tudo se tranforma em puro som, e o mais impressionante eh ler isto escrito por um americano que foi capaz de captar a essencia da arte de Gal bem melhor que muitos dos criticos do pais em que suas aquarelas veem por decadas enfeitando a alma de muitos outros brasileiros- dos seus verdadeiros fans.

Ao final via-se plateia extasiada   e Gal e Romero aplaudidos de pe. A plateia pediu "mais um mais um" e Gal, para surpresa geral,  retornou para cantar "Corcovado".

Eu sai do Blue Note com a sensacao de que tinha visto a um recital de "musica de camara", pois pode-se dizer que a voz de Gal eh mais de um instrumento e estar acompanhada de um violao eh apresentar esta mesma voz em estado natural e atual. Era mais uma Gal hoje!

Repertorio da noite de Sabado, 4 de outubro...

Na ordem apresentada por Gal:

* Solo de violao
* Morena dos olhos d'agua 
* Vatapa 
* Triste
* Vizinha do lado
* Samba do grande amor
* Lindeza
* Vitrines
* A Rita

* Chega de saudade
* Wave
* Desafinado
* The girl from Ipanema
* Samba do aviao
* Felicidade
* Aquarela do Brasil

* Bis: Corcovado

Papo salao de beleza :

Gal estava lindissima num conjunto preto de calca e blusa..a blusa foi o destaque pois era estilo kimono japones..tudo a ver com a Gal que todos nos sabemos adorar o estilo - a roupa era toda forrada com um tecido rosa o que causou em efeito lindo. Romero seguiu o estilo e estava todo de preto  e  a manga cumprida da blusa dobrada ostentava um forro em tecido na cor purpura ou vinho que dava um contraste  bem legal e acompanhava o look de Gal. 

Cabelo: Otimo. Nao estava quebradico como das ultimas vezes que vi em terras americanas. Talvez desta vez  ela tenha acertado no stylist e tambem sem excessos de cachos. Era o famoso cabelo enorme mas ultra chic de Gal. Corte e cor perfeitos que rejuvenesceram a nossa baiana.


Para mim foi maravilhoso ouvir esta primeira parte do recital. 
Um presente inimaginavel ouvir  Gal cantar "Lindeza"( agudos, graves e medios todos perfeitos. Eu tenho que citar meninos...Gal teve um momento bem Gerald Thomas..ao pronunciar a palavra "petala" ela estendeu o braco esquerdo e com a palma da mao aberta ela mantem o braco estendido no ar e tem um silencio de um 1/2 minuto... a plateia pensa que ela terminou e aplaude mas ela ainda canta mais uma vez o verso final..foi o maximo...Bethania aprovaria),  "Morena dos olhos d'agua "(maravilhozo, delicada,  minimalista e super bem cantada...lembrou bastante ela no filme "O Mandarim"), "Vitrines"(um luuuxo, de uma delicadeza..ela abalou na dose certa de emocao e tecnica), "Vatapa" e "A vizinha do lado" ( a Gal brejeira de Caymmi ainda existe, ela deu um tom malicioso e alegre, o violao de Romero pisou nas praias de Caymmi muito firme).

A segunda parte foi otima mas poderia ter sido superior(opiniao pessoal) com  3 musicas do Tom(ando cansado da bossa gentch!)...mas ela citou os 50 anos da Bossa Nova e ela estava pisando numa casa de jazz onde a plateia espera pelo Tom, entao aquelas coisas.


Bom eu nao sai perguntando a nacionalidade pra todo mundo ne, mas ouvi pessoas falando em Ingles(dahhhh), Frances, Alemao, Espanhol, Japones,  Italiano e Portugues.
Achei um luxo os dois fans de Gal virem de Sao Paulo para ve-la no Blue Note e que estavam na mesma mesa que eu. Tambem igualmente luxuoso foi Fran and Victor Martins que vieram de Boston naquela tarde para ve-la tambem e que foram meus companheiros em Gal naquela noite.

As letras :

A unica musica que Gal deu uma coladinha  na letra foi "Morena dos olhos d'agua"..todas as outras musicas foram cantadas ate o fim, sem erro e sem ler as letras.
O musico:

Eu achei que houve bastante quimica entre os dois..tudo estava bem relax no sabado a noite. Eles brincaram muito no palco, Gal ate disse pra plateia " He's in love with me. I've told him that." Foi super engracado e a plateia riu muiiito. Romero mostra-se superior e mais contagiante quando toca as musicas do Tom, mas seus acordes sao belissimos. 
Por adorar muitos violonistas brasileiros e alguns que ja acompanharam Gal, eu adoraria ter visto o Marcus  Teixeira ou o Luis Meira com ela neste recital. Mais fantastico ainda seria ve-la cercada por 3 ou 4 violoes. 
Acho que seria um escandalo! 
De qualquer forma nossa Gal ainda pode muito e quem sabe ela nao nos presenteie ainda com um recital assim.
Seria um luxo ela ter Marcus Teixeira, Ze Paulo Becker, Ricardo Silveira, Pedro Joia e Marcello Goncalves( os musicos que tocaram com o Ney em "Canto em qualquer canto") num recital so acustico.
 Assim, eu querendo dirigir a Gal ne?!
 Mas enfim, quem sabe nao desperto nela uma vontadezinha ne mesmo. Eu como todo fan sempre querendo mais da Gal 

Bom, pessoal eh isto. Se eu esqueci alguma coisa me digam.

Beijos e abracos galcostianos!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I loved the cover of the latest issue of "Advocate". I have only scanned the headline article but I can tell you guys, it's all true, true, true ! I will come back to the topic with a few comments.

The price tag hanging off the sun glasses is hilarious. It's the epitome of  a shopaholic.

Yes, it is a status symbol BUT isn't it for many str8s as well?!?  


 Naomi Campbell in " The Empire Strikes Black" for V Magazine. 

Naomi Campbell got a spread on V Magazine last month and she nailed it. 
All photos are incredible and she transformed herself in many others to give life to the shoot. I love Naomi and I think she is a trully top model. Beautiful and daliciuus™ styling.