Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Romantic and Bohemian Venice

Life could just stop on this shot.

Gondolas, gondoliers and lots of tourists passing by one of the many venetian bridges.

The almost missed sign reads "Rialto" , one of the most famous bridges lined  with shops.

"Spritz" will not find better spritzes in Italy but in Venice...according to locals.
It's a local cocktail made with Aperole liquor and garnished with green olive and oranges slices...very refreshing and of those drinks that makes you happy just for being alive.

Above FAB FOUR celebrating love! 

Weather conditions have added a rich texture all over Venice. You can see that its almost impossible to recreate some of the dazzling colors of its amazing buildings. The yellow building on this picture is an example of it. 

I am not sure but i think the statue above is a rendition of St. Giorgio. Love the triumphant aura.  

San Giorgio Maggiore seen from the waterfront by St. Mark's Square. Striking church and dreamy view.


Aluizio said...

I just miss one more hand making a BRINDISI at the Spritz Foto!!!Mine!!!Veneza รจ uma cidade unica ao mundo e temos sorte de poder ter tido a chance de conhece-la!Tem um ditado que diz: "Ver Veneza e depois morrer"....mas eu sempre completo:....DE ALEGRIA E EMOCAO!
Miss you much!Perhaps Too Much!;-)

Fernando Dasilva said...

We will be together next time,dear!
Venice is enchanted !

Sim, eh unica e tem uma aura incrivel...gostaria de andar por suas ruas e atravessar sua pontes numa epoca quieta...deve ser um escandalo poder parar e sentir a cidade em seus dias nao tao turisticos. Pena que minhas fotos foram todas apagadas pelo dedo nervoso que briga com a tecnologia.