Sunday, June 29, 2008

The father of Bossa Nova!

An almost empty stage waiting to be touched by the magic presence of Joao Gilberto.

Despite my sickness we couldn't miss his performance. The pic below is blurry but you can feel the style of the father of Bossa Nova. It has been a dream since early times to see him live - he is the master of all my favorites Brazilian artists. It was worthy each tune and there is no words to describe his music, you've got to experience it!

Rainbow Day in New York

Last Sunday was the rally(kick off) of the Gay pride week in New York. We were in town just for the day and we got a glance of the beginning of the action. Tons of events were scheduled to happen during the week and today was the Parade.  Below- a few clicks just to celebrate diversity.
2 fabulous drag queens were taking a break...hummmm

Intermission for make up touch up!!!

I love those boots!!!

How to make a group of drags to wave at you? 
Just point a camera at their direction and Daliciuus !!!

St Peter and the keys

Today all the catholics celebrate St.Peter's day. In Brazil the celebration of St. Peter is the last of June's Festival. To me is very poetic and its beyond religious to imagine that after death St. Peter will be the one to greet me at the paradise's gates. I think he will keep me around so we can put wonderful parties together.

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is one of the more exquisite artwork that I've ever seen it. Japanese designer Mayumi Yonenaga is very talented and created 2 magnificent artworks using Toho seed beads instead of regular paint and the result is astonishing.  Here is Audrey watching all the action and blessing all the fabulous designers that were in the room. An absolutely Daliciuus™ image for this blog.

Wyatt White, Beadalon's product manager and Ywao Yamanaka, Toho's executive director striking a pose for this blog.

Lots of hands reaching for the daliciuss mini desserts and my friend from Brazil told me that I was allowed to only 2 and DATIZIT!!! I must be in shape.   

Murat Engin hailing from Turkey and landing on this blog for a daliciuus and sensuous pose... he was responsible for all the craziness and we loved him!!!

With this blogger my friend Kim St Jean  n'sync of drinking and being silly..Kim is a fabulous and very talented jewelry designer and has built her name also teaching hot hot workshops in many bead shows...she beats the metal until it gets fabulous and daliciuus. Kisses gal! 

Katie Hacker, Drew Walker, Norm and Kim St. Jean.

This blogger winking to the camera with beading diva and designer extraordinaire Katie Hacker. I think we were high in paradise.

Beautiful friend of this blog, Kelley Beltran  is striking a pose and looking dalicuus!

This blogger and Brazilian fabulous jewelry designer Virginia Albuquerque, updating her skills during the BBShow. She is wearing one of her fabulous 3D necklaces, full of life and tropical soul. 

Drew Walker, Kim and Norm St. Jean and the polymer author  Barbara McGuire...everybody striking a pose to this blogger.  

 and below:

"...Neste universo, todo de brilhos e bolhas
Muitos beijinhos, muitas rolhas,
Disparadas do pescoco da Chandon..."

a poor translation by this designer would be :

"...In this atmosphere of sparks and bubbles,
lots of kisses and lots of corks
popped from the bottles of Chandon..."
Below the second artwork by Japanese artist Mayumi Yonenaga...Marilyn Monroe daliciuusly covered with seed beads and giving us that unmistakably glamour aura...gorgeous! 

Bead and Button Show 08

Here are some designs made by me for Beadalon®. Bead bumpers™ , polyester chain and
 wired stainless st ell ball can be seen on these pieces and they are just a few of the high tech products that are available through Beadalon® - a company  that understands the need of innovative products as a tool for  designers to challenge their visions and create something beautiful and unique.

The 2 next pieces were created during the demos. Below a hint of Fall combining copper and green crystals, brown coins, gold and silver rings and velour tubing spacer beads.Below a beaded watch using green palace bicones, black diamond and silver shade Chrystallized™ elements by Swarovski®. Design by Fdasilva.

Below a rainbow necklace to celebrate the colorful aspect of life using Beadalon's double ball chain and gold caps. CZ's briolettes add a final and must have bling! Design by F Dasilva.

A close up view of Katie Hacker's bracelets...daliciussly pink and fabulous!

On another sassy pose for this blog, the fabulous and Dalicuus™ jewelry designer and teacher Katie Hacker(link on side bar) surrounded by 2 students sporting Swarovski® crystal pink galore bracelets made during one of Katie's hottest workshops to be during the BB Show. The girls were at the Beadalon® booth. Below with Katie, Sue and Candie showing off their sparkling bracelets. Definitely DALICIUUS™ !!!

On a exclusive pose for this designer, Scott Fergerson is the new national account manager for Eurotool® . Scott is very charismatic and will do great on his new endeavor! The company got a Daliciuus™ professional on board. We liiike it!!!

The very stylish guy below is Devin Somerville, a glass artist and his work is astonishingly vibrant,  edgy and unique. W and I got some of his pieces and every time I am at the BBShow I ended up getting something from him. This year he's decided to build his "persona artistica" and it works - everyday he had a very cool outfit on, marketing himself. 
His work is daliciussly colorful and the coolest of all is that he is a big fun of the new Brazilian lounge bossa nova tunes. Yes, he is totally IN ! 
check his work out at:

An ocean of colors and textures at Malek's booth. This company is not only wonderful because they have a variety of styles in glass beads, or a great selection of high end gemstones and a very refined  inventory of the most beautiful cabochons BUT on top of all their owners are one of the best people I've met in this industry. Always kind, happy and Daliciuusly good to do business with. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Foz do Douro

Church of  St. John Baptist of Tomar in Porto do Douro, Porto, Portugal.

To Saint John Baptist

For your day! For your glory! For your legacy! For your beauty! For your compassion! For your bonefire! John of all hours and of all of us. Salve, Sao Joao! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brazilian Jewelry in Vegas - JCK

The Brazilian Pavilion was well represented this year at the JCK Show in Vegas, although I did notice a shortage on the number of exhibitors. As usual, astonishing gems framed by opulent 18k gold and an amazing craftsmanship. The Brazilian designers have found their style and each year I feel more proud of them because their work is so beautiful and unique...just like mine.
Unfortunately I did not have the guts to ask to photograph my favorite piece among all - a magnificent pair of earrings made with astonishing long Madeira citrine tear drop, diamonds, gold rutilated quartz and Tahitian pearls within, a "wow" show stopper and it belongs to a company called F.R Hueb and its on the top of my list. Here are some of the best of all. A special plug on Manoel Bernardes who has developed the most fashion forward pieces in Brazilian jewellery lately - extravagant, bold and definitely Couture.  
You can always Google all this companies for more info. 
Viva Brazil! 

Stainless steel cable

Beadalon® cable is what holds the crystals on this astonishing chandelier.  Another Vegas luxury! I loved it!!!

Still in Vegas

Lots of glamour in Vegas. Here a fabulous chandeliers at the Planet Hollywood filled with Swarovski crystal form head to toe...just the way we like! Me liiiiiiiiiiiiike!!!
Scandalously the way it spreads out at the bottom, like a flower of lights in the darkness of the sea. Lets give a hand to the fabulous designer responsible for this Vegas beauty.
Daliciuus for sure!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More trends

Tribal chic, romantic, industrial, circles, chain, stackable bangles, layered necklaces, enameled charms, modern cameos, 3 metals together; to be continued...

JCK Show in Vegas - trends

Ralph Lauren's women. 
I normally do not pay attention to his work but this collection has blown my mind(3 pics). I loved the whole concept, models, clothes, colors. What a great fashion spread on this magazine...gorgeous!!!