Friday, June 27, 2008


This is one of the more exquisite artwork that I've ever seen it. Japanese designer Mayumi Yonenaga is very talented and created 2 magnificent artworks using Toho seed beads instead of regular paint and the result is astonishing.  Here is Audrey watching all the action and blessing all the fabulous designers that were in the room. An absolutely Daliciuus™ image for this blog.

Wyatt White, Beadalon's product manager and Ywao Yamanaka, Toho's executive director striking a pose for this blog.

Lots of hands reaching for the daliciuss mini desserts and my friend from Brazil told me that I was allowed to only 2 and DATIZIT!!! I must be in shape.   

Murat Engin hailing from Turkey and landing on this blog for a daliciuus and sensuous pose... he was responsible for all the craziness and we loved him!!!

With this blogger my friend Kim St Jean  n'sync of drinking and being silly..Kim is a fabulous and very talented jewelry designer and has built her name also teaching hot hot workshops in many bead shows...she beats the metal until it gets fabulous and daliciuus. Kisses gal! 

Katie Hacker, Drew Walker, Norm and Kim St. Jean.

This blogger winking to the camera with beading diva and designer extraordinaire Katie Hacker. I think we were high in paradise.

Beautiful friend of this blog, Kelley Beltran  is striking a pose and looking dalicuus!

This blogger and Brazilian fabulous jewelry designer Virginia Albuquerque, updating her skills during the BBShow. She is wearing one of her fabulous 3D necklaces, full of life and tropical soul. 

Drew Walker, Kim and Norm St. Jean and the polymer author  Barbara McGuire...everybody striking a pose to this blogger.  

 and below:

"...Neste universo, todo de brilhos e bolhas
Muitos beijinhos, muitas rolhas,
Disparadas do pescoco da Chandon..."

a poor translation by this designer would be :

"...In this atmosphere of sparks and bubbles,
lots of kisses and lots of corks
popped from the bottles of Chandon..."
Below the second artwork by Japanese artist Mayumi Yonenaga...Marilyn Monroe daliciuusly covered with seed beads and giving us that unmistakably glamour aura...gorgeous! 


Katie Hacker said...

Yahoo! Fun party. Great pix! Thanks, friend.

Fernando Dasilva said...

Tks, darling!