Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I created this blog I promised to myself that I'd talk about things I like and things that influences me as a designer and as a person. Unfortunately sometimes things are not so good but is real life.

I grow up in Brazil watching many American TV Shows and "Charlie's Angels" topped my list of favorites . One of the major reasons of my fascination for those 3 female private agents was because of the stellar presence of Farrah Fawcett in the cast. Farrah to me was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen on TV. She had the most recognizable face and smile of the 70's. In my world of seductive, beautiful, glamorous female stars there was only Marilyn Monroe before Farrah. Those two were to me the most beautiful samples of an American blond babe.
I missed her when she quit the show and never understood why she did not make big on movies. Down on the road I have learned about her ups and downs as an actor but regardless she will remain in my heart forever. Farrah still tops the list of those strong women that surrounded my childhood and my adult life.
Beautiful, talented, brave and a pioneer.

Farrah is a real American icon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009



Africa=Ethnic chic is totally IN.
Picture Jasper in any color is one of the hot stone of current and upcoming seasons.
Texture and flaws are IN.

Look at the strand above and think about all the lands that you've might never been to but you've seen at the movies. Sahara desert, Australian outbacks, Brazilian savannas..those images are IN. And if you have seen those places...wow..good for you. You are "IN" !
Stone in focus: Red Jasper
Spacers: Sand Opal Crystallized™ round Beads Article: 5000

The photo above is a little blurry but you can feel the vibe. make it any fall?winter outfit more alive with a "easy to make" triple stretch cuff like bracelet. Focal bead is rectangle Brazilian coconut spacer (Acai® Beads) combined with resin beads by Plaid® , Crystallized™ with Swarovski®Elements and gold plated spacers by Beadalon®. For an extra texture Art Deco bronze accents by Guyot®.
Colors: Fernando's palette.

On the group above, organic forms.
Copper chain and brushed oval beads, coral bamboo brunches and discs, Crystallized™ elements and red jasper necklace.
Statement necklaces, bold n' extravagant. (actually those are still small for what's going on now).

Some of my fave of the season on the photo above.
Raw meets polished.

Venetian glass beads have definitely entered the high end jewelry design world.
Natural Brazilian aquamarine chips mixed with fabulous Murano glass beads on duets of foiled silver and gold leaf beads.

On the left size: fabulous long necklace made with aqua-aura glass chain and black lace Venetian heart glass pendant and finished with grey-blue fabric tassel by John Bead.

Right back in the center a graduated faceted white Opal nugget necklace and a golden blue Venetian flower glass hoops. Kidney ear wire by Beadalon.

Few more hot trends:

The timeless turquoise - if you can afford go for the sleeping beauty ones ; if not any strand like the above one will get you IN.

Black onyx and black Agathe
Coral bamboo
Red tiger-eye from Nigeria.(you must import from Nigeria dahhhhling! ... huahuahua)
Kiwi quartz (hummmmmmmm DALICIUUS™ )

Jewelry designs in this post ©Fernando Dasilva 2009. Please note that all jewelry pictures are for inspiration purposes only and are not to be duplicated for resale.

Wraps Stones & Things

Above our friend Sanjay Backliwal with Wraps Stones & Things. This guy is awesome and his inventory got all for all budgets. You can challenge yourself as a designer buying a cheap strand of bead(like a ten dollar one) and create something that looks rich and unique.Ask him for the hottest stones and he will guide you to the best trends of the season. This guy knows. I bought some black spinel from him and still have not touched yet. I'm waiting for the right moment and inspiration.

All the last pictures are from WSThings 's booth at Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee 2009. He paired with Multi Creations so people could experience an one stop shopping for all destination. Another creative way to deal with the economy. .

Bead and Button 09 - BeadTrust

Beadtrust figures among my favorite gemstone dealers in the market. The company keeps their inventory fresh and updated with current and upcoming trends. I spotted several new cuts and colors full of texture. It is a designer's paradise.
Beadtrust has not only gemstones but exquisite glass beads as well. Check their website for more info - www.beadtrust.com.

In the photo above on first plane strands of frosted rose quartz dotted with shimmering sections - this is called "cathedral cut" and according to them is one of the hottest trend among the gemstone world. I liked very much those square multicolored beads on the bottom right. Sorry, but I forgot the name of it.

If I had to pick a favorite I would stick with all the white, ivory stones that can be found around the market. Above, natural howlite(the real howlite is white) and shells. A must have on your design table!
Opalescent stones, glass and crystals are HOTCH!!!

Above, black onyx meets Mariah Carey..tons of little CZ's glamorizing large beads...it loos like a sparkly belt around the bead. I loved it!!!

On the photo above you can see more beads on that "cathedral cut" style..it looks just like windows around the surface of the beads adding extra interest to that raw and organic look.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bead and Button Show 09

My participation at the The Bead and Button™ Show in Milwaukee this year was very discreet. I helped WW during his workshop about Innovation findings by Beadalon® and it was quite successful. He got 32 students in class and they all loved his charismatic and sunny presence as well his knowledge and expertise about his field.

On my side I had a demo at the Crystallized™ booth of 2 projects from "Exposed". Crystallized™ provided me with a variety of color for the same components and I was able to have the original projects and 2 more color variation of each on my table so people could see where else you could go using the original project as a guide. I actually liked more the new variations than the book's versions. It's nice when you can take a design and re develop and turn it into something better. many times I create something and I want to undo it and do it again. O real life we can't do that because we have deadlines.
I had the chance to talk with 3 ladies about the pieces itself and we got more people at the booth once I started giving away free copies of the book. I was awarded by the presence of Katie Hacker who signed the books with me. Thanks to our publisher who sent copies for this impromptu promo.

It was my first time demoing for Crystallized™ but I did feel at home since I know the product and the staff.

Fernando says:

- Isn't quite exquisite that color combination??? - padparadsha and fire opal...those earrings move with your body honay ! very subtle!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Italy - Tuscany - SIENA

"... Siena's thriving historic center, with redbrick lanes cascading every which way, offers Italy's best medieval city experience...for those who dream of a Fiat-free Italy..."

( Rick's Steve Italy 2008 book- Avalon Travel)

"...Siena was medieval Florence's arch rival and still these days competing for the tourists..." (Rick Steve's Italy book - 2008- Avalon Travel)

I liked all and personally I think we can't compare the two cities.
We were there at night and next time we will spend a day. I had the most delicious wild boar dish ever. Yummmmi! Memorable!


This place used to be the Emperor Adrian's favorite Summer weekends destination. Is located near Montalcino and although had seen better days you can still be touched by its coziness an exuberance.


Caper's flower - had never seen it before. Its geometric shape and faded colors reminds me of passion fruit's flower.

Can you imagine all those beefy gladiators under those water falls???


Italy - Tuscany - SAN GIMIGNANO

I have not finished posting images of all the places we have visited last September in Italy yet. Since I have been feeling blue about it I think that the first day of the Summer's Solstice if perfect to get back to past and project my dreams to the future.

All these pics were taken in the Tuscany region and it reminded me of one of our favorite movies - "Under the Tuscan Sun" with Diane Lane. Once you are there all that story feels so real and possible because the place is really enchanted beyond all.

We had incredible friends driving us around the country, just outside Florence and our goal that day was to be at San Gimignano and we did.

Yellow wild flowers (margaridas amarelas) on the edge of the road. Beauty and fragility.

Even on a cloudy day is impossible not to feel the captivating beauty of the scenery.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beadalon is giving away a copy of " Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed" , a book co-authored by this blogger. "Exposed" is loaded with creative ideas on how to make trendy jewelry using basic findings accented by Crystallized™ components.
Just visit their blog and leave a comment. By the end of this week one winner will be randomly selected to get the prize.

Read some reviews about "Exposed" on the links below:




You have only this week. I promise..the prize will be Daliciuus™ !!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Downtown Lancaster-PA

We drove to Lancaster today and after stopping at St Anthony's church we've decided to explore the city a little and a  have a quick meal. So, I spotted few things for this blogaliciuus! 

The last 2 pics are of  Lancaster's mayor house. We found out that his wife is an artist and she picked the colors for their house. We loved the combo of matte olive green (kind of light moss and dirty olive green), subtle matte orange (very vintage - 50's) and a semi gloss white. Considering the red bricks as the background for the 3 colors and I think she did a great job. Very good taste! Very DALICIUUS!!!

Above is the sign of a family owned and very cozy Italian ristorante. Basic Italian menu  and very good service.  Don't expect nothing our of this world but if you are looking for a quick meal on a very nice atmosphere this one will provide. We loved it!

A hint of European style on the streets of Lancaster. I loved his red socks next to his tattoo.

The Saint Anthony Church  sidewalk was empty and did not announce a special day at all. I was disappointed. It seems like the community doesn't do any festival in homage to he saint of the day. hmmmmmmmm

Modern architecture in Lancaster. Kind of cool!

In honor to Saint Anthony

(Above the iconic image of St. Anthony, baby Jesus, the book and  a lilly. Oil in canvas painted by Guercino - 1656.)

June, 13th is a festive day for many catholics all over the world. I am not a 24hrs catholic but my love for many saints remains intact regardless my frustration and deception about the catholic church.  
In The US many street festivals will be hold by the italians in honor to the saint.
In Brazil we also celebrate Valentine's Day.
So, today I am heading to Lancaster to take candles and flowers to Saint Anthony , my beloved friend.
Do you know that his original name was Fernando de Bulhoes?!  How wonderful is that!?!

"Santo Antonio de pemba,
Caminhou 7 anos aa procura de um anjo,
Ate que encontrou,
Mas como caminhou, meu Santo Antonio...
mas como caminhou meu Santo Antonio... "

(public domain)

Friday, June 12, 2009

American Idol, Adam Lambert

An American icon is born!

Adam Lambert is in the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stones  magazine.
Below is the half page of one of the photos that illustrates the spread showing him doing his make up, which I consider the most magical moment for an entertainer before hitting the stage. That is his ritual of transformation.

I am away behind blogging but I have to mention here my admiration for the craft of Adam Lambert. I am not an American Idol fan but this last season he was the reason I got addicted to the show.

This man is so talented that I see him becoming an American icon...his talent goes beyond anything else that has been shown through AI.  

Recently Adam has decided to expose himself a little more regarding his personal life.
Good for him and good for his publicist. Every time such thing happen the power of tabloids diminishes.

I loved his music, his style, his charisma, his choices and I can't wait to buy his record. For me, he was the best thing that AI had offered me.

My fellow designer Margot Potter wrote a beautiful text on her blog about  the Adam Lambert phenomenon and I make her words mine. 

For Adam Lambert the sky is the limit!