Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bead and Button Show 09

My participation at the The Bead and Button™ Show in Milwaukee this year was very discreet. I helped WW during his workshop about Innovation findings by Beadalon® and it was quite successful. He got 32 students in class and they all loved his charismatic and sunny presence as well his knowledge and expertise about his field.

On my side I had a demo at the Crystallized™ booth of 2 projects from "Exposed". Crystallized™ provided me with a variety of color for the same components and I was able to have the original projects and 2 more color variation of each on my table so people could see where else you could go using the original project as a guide. I actually liked more the new variations than the book's versions. It's nice when you can take a design and re develop and turn it into something better. many times I create something and I want to undo it and do it again. O real life we can't do that because we have deadlines.
I had the chance to talk with 3 ladies about the pieces itself and we got more people at the booth once I started giving away free copies of the book. I was awarded by the presence of Katie Hacker who signed the books with me. Thanks to our publisher who sent copies for this impromptu promo.

It was my first time demoing for Crystallized™ but I did feel at home since I know the product and the staff.

Fernando says:

- Isn't quite exquisite that color combination??? - padparadsha and fire opal...those earrings move with your body honay ! very subtle!

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