Saturday, June 13, 2009

Downtown Lancaster-PA

We drove to Lancaster today and after stopping at St Anthony's church we've decided to explore the city a little and a  have a quick meal. So, I spotted few things for this blogaliciuus! 

The last 2 pics are of  Lancaster's mayor house. We found out that his wife is an artist and she picked the colors for their house. We loved the combo of matte olive green (kind of light moss and dirty olive green), subtle matte orange (very vintage - 50's) and a semi gloss white. Considering the red bricks as the background for the 3 colors and I think she did a great job. Very good taste! Very DALICIUUS!!!

Above is the sign of a family owned and very cozy Italian ristorante. Basic Italian menu  and very good service.  Don't expect nothing our of this world but if you are looking for a quick meal on a very nice atmosphere this one will provide. We loved it!

A hint of European style on the streets of Lancaster. I loved his red socks next to his tattoo.

The Saint Anthony Church  sidewalk was empty and did not announce a special day at all. I was disappointed. It seems like the community doesn't do any festival in homage to he saint of the day. hmmmmmmmm

Modern architecture in Lancaster. Kind of cool!

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