Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bead and Button 09 - BeadTrust

Beadtrust figures among my favorite gemstone dealers in the market. The company keeps their inventory fresh and updated with current and upcoming trends. I spotted several new cuts and colors full of texture. It is a designer's paradise.
Beadtrust has not only gemstones but exquisite glass beads as well. Check their website for more info -

In the photo above on first plane strands of frosted rose quartz dotted with shimmering sections - this is called "cathedral cut" and according to them is one of the hottest trend among the gemstone world. I liked very much those square multicolored beads on the bottom right. Sorry, but I forgot the name of it.

If I had to pick a favorite I would stick with all the white, ivory stones that can be found around the market. Above, natural howlite(the real howlite is white) and shells. A must have on your design table!
Opalescent stones, glass and crystals are HOTCH!!!

Above, black onyx meets Mariah Carey..tons of little CZ's glamorizing large loos like a sparkly belt around the bead. I loved it!!!

On the photo above you can see more beads on that "cathedral cut" looks just like windows around the surface of the beads adding extra interest to that raw and organic look.

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