Friday, May 30, 2008


Mais algumas imagens pra voce.


Today is a very special day in my life. A few years ago my soulmate was born...he is my compass,  my rainbow after the storm, my ray of light. 
Happy Birthday, hokneeeee!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Madonna and "Hard Candy"

It's impossible not to talk about Madonna's latest record titled "Hard candy". I 've read on line that this album  would be named "Licorice", word that is very sexy but is not for lack of sexiness that Madonna will not take this work to the top. She had 4 very talented music producers working with her on this record.
My favorite tracks are:
"Give it 2 me", "Miles away"(beautiful melody), "Beat goes on"(with Kanye West) and "Voices".
But the single that is already a hit is "4 minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake(daliciuus) but I din't like that much. Over all, Madonna's "Hard candy" sounds very fresh and updated but for me the best tracks are the ones where she sounds just like herself. Here one of the photos of the booklet.

My red carpet

In the center, multi strand necklace made with Swarovski® crystals, sea blue chalcedony and lime CZ briolettes...isn't very Samantha Jones style?

"Sex and the City" week

To pay homage to the show and our girls, we've decided to start celebrating the upcoming movie. Yesterday, the entire cast stopped Manhattan's traffic for the Gala night at The Radio City Music Hall- sidewalks were packed with fans screaming their names.
I am not sure if I wanted to be outside screaming but would be fun to be inside drinking Cosmos.
I am a big fan of those not always real women. I'm still trying to figure out how Carrie could afford those Couture dresses working as a free lancer writer?! But well...fiction and real life is more colorful when don't make sense at all.
"Life is dream!"(Calderon de La Barca) 

Memorial Day weekend

At home, surrounded by a gorgeous and enlightened sky.

Stuffed hot peppers

I came up with this dish to use some hot peppers that were going bad...I hate to waste food. So,  I stuffed those cute red peppers with ground turkey and topped with Parmesan cheese to add a golden gratineed crust. Daliciuus red mood!!! 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Fling is here

I do not work much with ColourCraft™ wire but sometimes I come up with something cool. I am not sure if is original but came direct from my brain and my table. Is very awkward seen a design out ... I always think that I could have  done something else different. Most of the time I wish I could redo me...revisit my inner talent...but now it's too late. Let the public judge.

Summer Fling

The new issue of Step by Step Beads magazine is out. I love the white background  the magazine has been adopting this year, the jewelry lines are more identifiable. The cover project is very cute and I like the color scheme. Inside, the first project is a set of necklace-earrings signed by me. Bold, vibrant and edgy.

Red vibe

Prysolite drop earrings - with peridot and green lime chalcedony, rhodium plate chain.


I love slim, elegant and it comes in a wide range of amazing, orange, rose, champagne...
Gerberas make me happy!
I bought these  at Trader Joe's...
Look for the jewelry...earrings drops made with prysolite, peridot and rhodium plate chain.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Butterfly effect

Have been talking about Mariah Carey's latest record reminded me of this necklace made for Beadalon® last's all about butterflies flying around somebody else's neck...I wonder if she would wear it...hummmm!!! (the effeft is great but was a pain to make it work...those pieces that I 'd not try to write the how's to ever...e...v....e...r !!!)

Strawberry and vanilla coffee cake, hummmmmm daliciuusssss!!!

I haven't baked since the Holidays so I was craving for a home made coffee cake. It was a mix of box cake and a personal recipe because I do like to add my signature to even a box cake. The flavor was fabulous and I paired with cold soda...very kid like!!! A pause from the South Beach Diet for a not legal snack because I am not on coma!!! Life is too short!

Mariah Carey's new record

Mariah released "E=MC²" last month and the first single "Touch my body" placed her on top of the Billboard charts again. I've been listening since I got it (2 weeks ago) to understand the whole mood of the record. What I like most besides the pipes is that Mariah keeps showing to the world who she is and she surrounds herself with many talented music artists making her work unique. Check these tunes out: " I'm that chick ", " I'll be lovin' u long time ", " Thanx 4 nothin' ", "O.C.C ", "Bye bye", "Cruise control" and "I wish you well". Hey, if you got a lover or a Mr. right now sing for him or for her:
"I'm that chick, you like"  

Spice up your Summer!

Charm bracelet with stainless steel wired balls, glass charms and polyester chain. Earrings made with Chinese faux Venetian glass  beads. Think "Woman on top".

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vibrant by FDasilva

What is DaLiCiuUs™

Daliciuus™ can be whatever you want. Whatever makes you feel good in certain's the first word I use to express how beautiful a jewelry piece sits on a woman's neck. How the stone matches the skin color, how the earrings move with her body, how her entire mood changed after being bejeweled by me.
Anyway, it represents my translation of  beauty and sensuality. It reflects my cultural heritage, my dramatic way of looking at things and, of course, my Brazilian daliciuus accent.
This BLOG won't be filled only with words but mostly with images of things that I consider could be one of my jewelry pieces, a woman, a man, a picture of a temple, a city, a monument, an animal, a flower and almost all will be permitted here. It can also be a song, an image, a pray or a fabulous dish. 
I will be searching for images all over the Net and using personal mementos. I'm on training but soon I will add a list of other blogs I like to visit as well.

Beijos, kisses, baci, bejos, and have fun!