Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jazz session in Chicago

Marc Pompe and a piano in the dark at Nick's Fish Market. 

I's all about Chicago lately but you have to agree..Chicago is so big... It's impossible to be BASIC when we are talking about this fabulous city. 

Our jazz moment was at Nick's...there was  live music and the soundtrack couldn't be more appropriate for the occasion...jazz...piano, romantic atmosphere...hummmmmm

My party enjoyed the smoky and soothing notes of Marc Pompe playing the piano and singing classic jazz songs.  At some point I requested " Let's get lost " a Chet Baker's  - and he played beautifully.
Towards to the end of the night, when I was getting annoying like all the drunk customers I had to shout out loud " - Now "The girl from Ipanema"... and Mr. Pompe kindly played for us.
I get very emotional when I see talented musicians playing at nightclubs, bars and restaurants because many times they do not get the recognition they deserve.  
Mr. Pompe got a disarming way of singing and playing jazz and his work is very refined.

Caro Mio Restaurant

Above a tartuffo to dye for...daliciuus!!!

We ate at great places in Chicago but "Caro Mio" was special because we found out through the Sofitel concierge and he was right. The food is dalicuus, the atmosphere is alive and the owner cares about his business. His staff is maravilhoso! He is Venezuelan with an Italian deep in his heart. If you have a chance to be in the area give a try and order his unique gnocchi/ravioli... it's fantastic and remarkable!

What a 1derful ™ youth!!!

Mikey Kettinger posing with me at the Steve's Segway office. Mikey is a young multi media artist who is pursuing his dreams with a daliciuus  attitude. Mikey leaves in Chicago but soon will be moving to Miami to spread his colors to the upbeat beach paradise. In this meantime he is spreading his beautiful smile to the daliciuus™ world. 

This blogger and Brittany Cortina  who works for Steve's Segway in Chicago and she was my trainer. I would have not made it without her, on top of that she is a doll!

Segway adventure

Oh, my GOD!!! I rode a Segway in  Chicago and at first I was freaking afraid of smashing my ass on the ground but the trainer was fabulous and I made it! 
It was freaking cool and I recommend to anybody to give a try. It's   1derful™  !!!

If you're in Chicago look for Steve's Segway Tours and give a try. I guarantee you will not regret. Steve's staff is outstanding. I was reluctant and very skeptical in the beginning but Brittany put me on the road in 1/2 hour (well, I am very clumsy). 

Chicago lights

I was in awe with Chicago's downtown was amazing to see so many people out and about.  The city skyline is fantastic and I saw lots of Art Deco buildings next to ultra uber modern ones and that kind of scenario is mind blowing. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

CHA Chicago- After hours

⇓   A Wonder Woman moment directly from the "bean spot". 

   So many lights, so many buildings, so many many stars!!!

⇓  Jewelry designer and fashionista Candie Cooper and this blogger laughing our asses off. We were unmistakably allured by the photographer daliciuusness.  

 ⇓ Madeline Otero and I (again) sipping daliciuus timeless sex and the city Cosmos and by the chance the cocktail color matches with her top - that's the way dahling !!! 

⇓  This blogger and jewelry designer and divaliciuus Katie Hacker. We loved that minimalist flower arrangement...just like us!!!  Basic...hahahaha

We gotta have time for work, for joy, for happiness, for daliciuus food, for drinks and friends.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fruit flavor turning into jewelry

I made this necklace using kiwi quartz and chrisophrase. I love the asymmetrical form of it and talking about a design trade show in Italy brought this piece back. I am always reaching for the modern aesthetic although I enjoy having old pieces around me.   


My friend and man of style Aluizio Costa Jr.(photos above) was at the 23rd World Congress of Architecture in Torino(Turin/Italy - from June 29 to July 3rd)  to check all the new design concepts and get an update from the trade. This is an annual event for him who is an enthusiastic of design and a future architect himself. 

I think its a unique experience for him who lives surrounded by the treasures of the ancient Roman civilization and suddenly puts himself in the epicenter of the world most modern designs, characterized by futuristic environments, visual high tech products, geometric and vibrant installations. Life is a dichotomy and daliciuus in many contradictory ways.

But hey, through the pictures of him we can see he is enchanted by the visual appeal of the exhibition and I'd be as well. Aluizio manages a boutique hotel in Firenze (Florence) and will be our guard angel on our upcoming trip to Italy. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gisele Bundchen profiled on GQ

This is the cover of the July issue of GQ magazine and Gisele Bundchen looks astonishing. The black and white photos inside are daliciuus but I didn't like the interview itself.  Gisele is a good player and made the most of it but at the end I feel like the interviewer didn't explore her "real persona" at all.  

Skyy Vodka

I loved the colors on this Skyy Vodka ad campaign. It looks extremely daliciuus to me and the idea of these cherries in the center is's like a bridge of passion. Some of my friends in Brazil keep telling me that some of the ads on American magazines are way more glamorous than anywhere else. I have to agree with them. 

Few more demo pieces

Above, long, veeeeery long necklace made with quick links, ColourCraft twisted jump rings and a removable heart tassel. Just 4 fun!!!

I cannot stay away from blue shades so here a necklace made by me using a spiral maker tool and ColourCraft wire and a pair of earrings made by W. 

The earrings are very avante gard and they look fabulously spiky with those star head pins.

Necklace and earrings feature Crystallized™ elements on indicolite and erinite colors respectively - of course quick links were used on all pieces.It's fast, easy and trendy.

Above daliciuus shoulder dusters hoops combining colors: jonquil 'n silk crystals and orange frosted beads. 
Wrap it up with ColourCraft wire to add more color because color never is 2 much!!! Add hammered quick links and you are ready to art gallery.

CHA Chicago - Summer

It's always excited to be in Chicago. The CHA Summer Show was good but we definitely witnessed a low attendance this year. But regardless how tough times are creativity is always the key and here are some of the jewelry pieces I made during my demos at the Beadalon booth. As matter of fact all the new products were very well received by the public and I am sure that some craft artists and designers are already crazy to get their new goods. Here some ideas that can be always re invented so you can call this meantime, please credit MEEE

On the left a strand of Crystallized™ elements framed by Beadalon quick link. The new  sand opal color was used between green pearls, olivine bicones and round jonquil AB to add more possess to this opaque shade. The center circle is crystal tabac a special effect that embodies hues of green what is perfect to tight the overall look.

To the right a triple strand necklace using the new Beadalon silver plated crinkle wire and the new mocca color by Crystallized™. I personally loved this color and I am sure will be a hit. I can see it mixed with hot and cold shades and be a regular on all seasons. I added a few crystal copper to fire up up the look and create a middle shade between the white freshwater pearls and the mocca beads.  I finish using a crystal golden shade star as the focal point to add a sense of stardom to the look.

BATMAN unmasked

Mr. Bale looks beyond daliciuus on this ads for Giorgio Armani. I have not seen the movie yet but I assume that Bruce Wayne is dressed from head to toe by Armani and he looks rich, really rich!!! Visit the oficial "The dark knight" website to get a glance of this sexy and forever misterious Batchman.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer salads

 For the excitement of all senses and for a fit look...maybe!!! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catalog cover

I am honored for having one of my designs on the cover of Beadalon® catalog # 29. The featured piece is a double strand necklace made with four strands of Beadalon wires - silver plated and the new silver satin crinkled wire, oval quick links™ and Crystallized™ elements with Swarovski on 5 rich colors: burgundy, padparadsha, fuchsia AB, Indian red and ruby. Pretty soon any person will be able to make the design above following the instructions on Beadalon's web site.

In this meantime enjoy all the fabulous new products available through the 160 pages of this incredible Arts and Craft guide. You can request your own copy calling 1- 866 - 423 2325 or email:  


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"That Night in Rio"

"That Night in Rio" necklace - inspired by the movie "That night in Rio" starring the Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda.  My necklace features a  melange of Crystallized ™ elements with Swarovski to express the drama and colors of Brazil and Carmen Miranda. Think tropical butterflies swinging to the rhythm of samba drums, steamy nights enchanted by the moonlight and ocean waves calling your name.

" Viva a banda da da, Carmen Miranda, da da da da..."  

A tropical postcard

Neckpiece "Tropicalia Diva" designed for Create-your- Style™  with Crystallized™ beads .
Necklace is featured in the book " Design Expressions from Brazil & Russia" - the oversize necklace is an homage to Brazilian singer Gal Costa and Tropicalismo, an Art movement that has changed the face of Brazilian pop culture.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brazilian "Romance" by Rosa Passos

My friend Vinny gave me Rosa Passos latest record last month. The album is called "Romance" and it covers standard Brazilian romantic songs and it stops there. Rosa's new renditions of Brazilian classics are fresh and creative. Many music experts have described this album as "smoky" in consideration of the overall sound atmosphere of  the arrangements but I don't  think that describes her jazzy bossa nova style.  For me if something is "smoky" you can't breath, you can't see through and is mysterious but nothing stays "smoky"  on Rosa's voice because her rhythmic sense and perfect diction  make her music luminous and sublime.  Mrs. Passos is a very refined songstress and she has worked with  Yo Yo Ma, Ron Carter and Henry Salvador. Her gift for improvisation and phrasing is unusual for an Latin American singer and this is one of the elements that make her work unique and full of life.
"Romance" is a very sophisticated album and I recommend it to anybody who wants to experience Brazil beyond stereotypes. 

Rosa Passos:  Romance
Record label: Telarc


Doce presenca
Nem eu
Eu sei que vou te amar
Preciso aprener a ser so
Atras da porta
Por causa de voce
Altos e baixos
Cade voce
Neste mesmo lugar
Nossos momentos

Other albuns:

Rosa Passos - Rosa
Rosa Passos - Amorosa

 "She has done what so many vocalists have attempted since the days of Astrud Gilberto - she has made the bossa nova sexy again." -  All About jazz

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fernando Dasilva Summer Collection

Below, a gold plated chain necklace centered by golden guava Venetian glass bead and brushed 14ky vermeil tooth. - ethnic chic  n'  daliciuus! Design by F Dasilva.

Lots of texture on the group below - casual moods and hot pink accessories. Acrylic cuffs weren't made by me but they do belong to my summer look concept.
All pieces designed by F Dasilva, except cuff bracelets. 

Below a red wood drop pendant with gold stripe, Lucite pendants and fuchsia beaded cap - red chain to keep it fun! Design by F. Dasilva.

First design of the month

I made this necklace for Beadalon® and it showcases one of the many new products that are featured in the new catalog to be released to the general public next week during the CHA Show(Craft and Hobby Association) in Chicago. I personally love these kind of findings because they are easy to work with and very can create many things and it provides endless combinations...the links are trade marketed "quick links" and it comes in many shapes and also in already assembled quick link chain format. On  my "ethereal beauty" necklace I incorporated pinks and AB Crystallized™ elements by Swarovski® to add plenty of  Za Za Zoo to the table...lots of glamour baby!!!

4 de Julho ou 4th July

And then another 4Th July arrived...we went to visit a friend at the Poconos  area....fireworks at dark by Lake Ariel and  it was surprisingly very nice! Following a few images of the long holiday.