Thursday, July 24, 2008

Few more demo pieces

Above, long, veeeeery long necklace made with quick links, ColourCraft twisted jump rings and a removable heart tassel. Just 4 fun!!!

I cannot stay away from blue shades so here a necklace made by me using a spiral maker tool and ColourCraft wire and a pair of earrings made by W. 

The earrings are very avante gard and they look fabulously spiky with those star head pins.

Necklace and earrings feature Crystallized™ elements on indicolite and erinite colors respectively - of course quick links were used on all pieces.It's fast, easy and trendy.

Above daliciuus shoulder dusters hoops combining colors: jonquil 'n silk crystals and orange frosted beads. 
Wrap it up with ColourCraft wire to add more color because color never is 2 much!!! Add hammered quick links and you are ready to art gallery.

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