Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brazilian "Romance" by Rosa Passos

My friend Vinny gave me Rosa Passos latest record last month. The album is called "Romance" and it covers standard Brazilian romantic songs and it stops there. Rosa's new renditions of Brazilian classics are fresh and creative. Many music experts have described this album as "smoky" in consideration of the overall sound atmosphere of  the arrangements but I don't  think that describes her jazzy bossa nova style.  For me if something is "smoky" you can't breath, you can't see through and is mysterious but nothing stays "smoky"  on Rosa's voice because her rhythmic sense and perfect diction  make her music luminous and sublime.  Mrs. Passos is a very refined songstress and she has worked with  Yo Yo Ma, Ron Carter and Henry Salvador. Her gift for improvisation and phrasing is unusual for an Latin American singer and this is one of the elements that make her work unique and full of life.
"Romance" is a very sophisticated album and I recommend it to anybody who wants to experience Brazil beyond stereotypes. 

Rosa Passos:  Romance
Record label: Telarc


Doce presenca
Nem eu
Eu sei que vou te amar
Preciso aprener a ser so
Atras da porta
Por causa de voce
Altos e baixos
Cade voce
Neste mesmo lugar
Nossos momentos

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 "She has done what so many vocalists have attempted since the days of Astrud Gilberto - she has made the bossa nova sexy again." -  All About jazz

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