Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catalog cover

I am honored for having one of my designs on the cover of Beadalon® catalog # 29. The featured piece is a double strand necklace made with four strands of Beadalon wires - silver plated and the new silver satin crinkled wire, oval quick links™ and Crystallized™ elements with Swarovski on 5 rich colors: burgundy, padparadsha, fuchsia AB, Indian red and ruby. Pretty soon any person will be able to make the design above following the instructions on Beadalon's web site.

In this meantime enjoy all the fabulous new products available through the 160 pages of this incredible Arts and Craft guide. You can request your own copy calling 1- 866 - 423 2325 or email:  



Katie Hacker said...

Lookin' good, Nando!

Fernando Dasilva said...

Thanks, darling!
I loved the overall cover's look. It's bright, luminous and well balanced.