Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!


thanks for your support your love and your inputs.
2010 will bring me back posting many
ultra DALICIUUS™ moments.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been following some of the most recent looks of Demi Moore through many magazines. Demi Moore  has aged incredibly looks like she hasn't aged at all ... everytime I see a photo of her on the red carpet or at any other high profile event I get mesmerized by her natural beauty and by her outfit choices.
Everything from head to toe is impecable and she has been wearing incredible jewelry lately.
I believe that a great stylist might help a celebrity to build up a look but at the end what makes some of these fabulous, talented and gorgeous women to have a signature look is their own personal taste, their eyes for the beauty that exudes of every item they wear...accessories and clothing.

Here is one of my most recent looks by Demi Moore. Gorgeous! Chic and modern!

Photo of Demi Moore exracted by In Style Magazine October 2009.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New images

Glass sculpture at the Milwaukee Art Museum - Chihuli

Sunset in Clearwater - Tampa area

A beautiful rooster in Cozumel .

Mermaid sculpture in San Francisco.

I am back

To all my readers:

I got a new blog but it doesn't mean that I am giving up on Daliciuus™.
 The 3 last weeks of October were tough and I couldn't post as much as I wished.

For my jewelry endeavors I have created "Modern Expressions" -

This is my new blog for all jewelry related topics. I am also using it to report my almost daily work on my next book. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last June we were in Vegas for the JCK Show and made the time to see Shannel performing at The Gipsy.
Shannel is a fabulous drag queen who was part of the first cast of the RuPaul's Drag Race Reality TV Show.

Shannel did not win the competition but he/she got lots of exposure and we were happy to see him performing live.
Our party of 5 unanimously loved everything.
The whole show was fabulous and we laughed our asses off with her.
Shannel delivers a very well put together script where she plays  several characters through the show - a little stand up comedy, a sexual therapist, a bootilitious gal, a diva pop and a Hollywood star.
Her costumes are amazingly done and it's clear that many hours of work are put in it to get the look as glamourous as posssible.
Here are some of the best moments of Shannel who was born to be a star.

I loved the "subltle" earrings.

This was the hottest moment of that night...she did a cover of Lady Gaga that was astonishing. Lady Gaga would be so proud of him. Not mentioning the daring costume that barely covered his body.

BIG diva entrance! This costume was amazing. Star power!

Shannel is the drag queen name of Bryan Watkins.
Pictures were taken with permission from him, although he is no longer in Las Vegas, after an 8 years run at the Gypsy.  Bryan has moved to Seattle Washington, if you are there make sure to go see him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The picture above was taken at our kitchen last camera wasn't the right one but  I couldn't wait to get the good camera so we used a cell phone camera.
It is  yelloowish but it probably works well to illustrate this post.
We have decided that the "best place in the world is here and right now" and we are enjoying the small pleasures that makes our lives more colorful, flavorful and truly daliciuus™.

Below 2 recipes for you to make your life more daliciuus as well!

Caprezze salad by WW

buffalo mozzarela
meaty basil leaves (large and big ones) ( we got form the amish at the WC grower's market)
large tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper
salt to taste

I am terrible with quantities but just do this:

Cut thick slices of mozzarela and tomatoes and pile them up like this:

tomatoe slice + basil leaves + mozzarela slice  + tomato + basil again +  mozzarela + basil

Add salt and pepper to taste and drizzle with olive oil. Add your favorite roll on the side and ta meu bem!
(to make it more festive use vintage Fiesta dessert plates)

to drink with it:

White wine sangria by Fernando Dasilva

Again, eye ball all ingredientes and you will be fine.

* White Chablis( cheap and sweet enough)
*VSOP brandy
* Triple sec
* One apple
* Two sliced oranges
* One Asian pear
* Sparkling water ( optional and my favorite is sparkling wine but if there isn't one water will be fine)
* One lime
* Sugar in the raw or white sugar (of course)

Mixing all:

* First cut all the fruits on your favorite shape and size and add to a large pitcher
* Squeeze the lime into it and then add sugar enough...I'd say at least 5 large spoons and then smash the fruits and the sugar with a wood spoon (or any of your favorite kitchen utensil)
* Start adding the brandy, triple sec and the wine.
*Add lots, but lots of ice cubes and then add sparkling water to add bubbles to it.
* Sreve on bordeaux wine glasses or tall vintage water glasses.

Thim tchim!

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Lakshimi" bracelet

The picture below shows one of my projects from the book "Exposed" and right below a new version made by a member of the New Jersey Bead Society. It was a lovely surprise to meet somebody who bought the book and had already made one of the projects but with a twist. This lady decided to re-create the bracelet using only sterling silver and she found very similar "flower connectors" that gave her the same look of my design. She wanted a bracelet with no beads and the result was equally fabulous.
I am positive that my fellow designers Katie Hacker and Margot Potter will be happy to see this - our goal is essentially to encourage people not only to make something pretty following our instructions but  inspire them to re-create our pieces making their own version - like adding their signature to it.

"Lakshimi set" - bracelet and small chandelier earrings on sterling silver.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The pictures on this post were taken by my friend Aluizio Costa from Florence - Italy. He is a regular contributor to this blog. I loved his hands under the water holding the gravels and his stack of bracelets.
And needless to say the picture of the boats is very poetic.


We saw this documentary 2 weeks ago and it was fabulous. If you have a chance run to see it atheater next to you. It's totally worthy to see the backstage of a fabulous and iconic magazine as VOGUE. 
Here is the link. I couldn find any picture to illustrate this post.
I loved to see the fragile side behind such strong personalities.

W and I enjoyed the entire movie and there is no dragging. Anna Wintour is so interesting and the director did a great job capturing her inner emotions even on her silence.
My only frustration was to witness the lack of style of some of the people who works in VOGUE...women in make up, no high heels, no beautiful clothes, no lisptick,  not EVEN hair done...WHAT'S UP with that !!!
Anna created her own style on dressing, hair cut, sun glasses and my favorite was the jewelry she wears g daily... during the movie 3 fabulous graduated colored gemstone necklaces. But besides her, most of the cast is very plain and you can't believe that those powerful women dictates fashion.
My mom will be in disbelief when she sees it.

BUT for me the best recent documentary about the fashion is "Valentino - the last Emperor"...away more glamourous...loved it!
I think these two will be awarded next year.
Go and check it out for yourself.

XoXo !!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

OUT side our window

Waking up...getting ready for a cup of coffee and I was captured by this image...rising of the Sun and new beginings. It lift my spirit immediately. I'm planning to have a productive, happy and creative week.
Below the tropics, in my Brazil, today is a holiday. We celebrate our patron saint Our Lady of Aparecida - one of the few black Virgin Mary praised around the globe and its also "Children's Day"...yep... we have a day dedicated to our children...isn't that fun! It's colorful and rejuvenating as the image of this crimson horizon. 
Cheers to a new begin!

Monday, October 5, 2009

All about DIVAS 1

Our weekend was all about home shopping, shopping at Ikea, cleaning, organizing and cooking...I can't work on my studio when it's the end,W and I were exhausted but the best part of it was that we got to do all around the house listening to 5 recently  released albums.
Yes, it was all about Brazilian diva ( Maria Bethania ) and 3 Americans - all fabulous and brilliant with a very distinguised  work. No comparisons... let's just talk about the pleasure of listening and decoding the intentions behind their work...but don' take it too seriously.

To Barbra Streisand " Love is the answer" and she released an album that is purely romantic and soft. Diana Krall produced the album and the result is fantastic. Barbra's voice still  incredibly beautiful and she is singing better than ever ( like...when she did not sing well?!? duhhhhh). This is an album to listening and feel the words. An excellent chance to learn very good English (thank God, at least one) ...her pronounciation is incredible and I really love when I can understand the lyrics and learn with the artist how to say it correctly.
Mrs. Streisand sounds magnificent and the album is pleasant from the first to the last track. There are 2 jazzy bossa nova songs performed nicely by Barbra. Her rendition of "Ne me quitte te pas"a French standard composed by Jaques Brel is quiet different from previous versions and worthy to mention. Other tracks include:"Smoke get in your eyes", "Make someone happy" and "Gentle rain".  
Definitely a must have for the holiday season - this is Barbra on her best -great lyrics and great arrangements.
Jay Landers and Johnny Mandel signed the arrangements.

Credits: Photograph of Barbra Streisand by Firooz Zahedi for Columbia Records. 

"Memoirs of an imperfect angel" is the title of Mariah Carey last record. The song "Obsessed" is already a radio hit and Mariah has released a video as well. The above image is the cover of its booklet that came on a Elle magazine format - very clever and fresh. I loved it!
Mariah is delivering to her fans a great package that includes a second CD with 4 Remix versions of "Obsessed" and 2 versions ot the video - let me tell you something - the remixes are fabulous! Great "boom boom" and it's going to rock on the dance floor. I can see all the gay clubs playing it over and over and over...hahahha
Getting back to the CD 1 - Mariah continues to extract as much as she can out of the hip hop and most of the tracks are loaded with layers and layers of voices. At first I did not like that much but I have to say that the album grows on a second and third audition - so it might be one of those records that will take a while for people to understand it and MC might benefit of it.
I think is formidable when a record requires more than the normal time to be appreciated. W and I love her work but we can't wait for her to get back to big songs and great lyrics.
MC doesn't need to keep up with all the  other female vocalists that are out there. She is above all simply because she can really sings. I miss more new renditions for classic songs and more great songwriters giving her outstanding material so she can make it timeless.
But as I said, you need to play it more than once to start getting into... if you want something immediately rewarding begin playing the remixes's fabulous.
I'd say,yes, you got to have it - at the end we all want to be cool!

© 2009 Mariah Carey   photographed by  Michael Thompson.
It amazes me how MC can turn "okay" songs onto instant "fabulous" remixes!!!

Wow, dahhhhhling! The big female vocalist of all times is back and she is stronger than ever!
Whitney Houston new album is marvelous! "I look to you" was named after one of the tracks. You must buy it because the quality is high and Whitney is still a great singer. Lots of great material, enpowering lyrics and all sounds personal. I liked the overall mood and arrangements. Her musical phrasing is fenomenal and her voice guides the beats. I look to Whitney and see a woman in control of her life and destiny again  and she will give to her audience many years of joy thorugh her music.
The image above was taken from the album booklet and I loved her on this red dress...very chic! The cuff bracelets look great and I loved her hair style. She looks amazing!  I hope I can see her performing one day.
Red is passion, is love, is war and is triumph.
We need her voice, her art.

© 2009 Whitney Houston photographed by the fabulous Patrick Demarchelier for Arista Records

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am kicking off the begining of my next instructional jewelry book. The title hasn't been decided yet but for now the blog "Modern Expressions" will host my creative process during the making off  of it.

I will be talking about my inspirations, color palette, components and will be posting images of what will become a jewelry piece or a portion of the final piece itself but only portions of it.
Everything else that surrounds my profissional life will be also added to this blog/making off...trips to trade shows, workshops, future projects,  selection of ideas, sketches and all jewelry related topics that will run into my way during this date until the book is released to the public. This blog also can continue after all as my main venue for my daily production.
I picked this picture of one of the most beautiful monuments in my hometown because I 've realized that I have been exposed to a modern aesthetic since I was born. Brazilia is the most modern expression in my life and its architecture remains my major source for inspiration.
So, now Daliciuus will be a space openly dedicated to my personal view about everything.
I hope you follow the new blog and remains a loyal reader of this one as well.

Beijos, kisses and bacione!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tampa's natural beauty

     Peridot waters and pen fishes. Downtown St. Pete.

     Safety Harbour private garden

   Safety Harbour bamboo tree - "bambuzal" - private botanic garden.

Safety harbour - private garden

    Sunset on Clearwater Beach.

    Safety Harbour

     White birds.

                 Yellow flower - private garden on SH.

     Pink birds on pier.

      Modern bridge under foggy evening on Tampa Bay.

The city is blessed by a fabulous tropical weather. It's full of life and natural beauty, lots of flowers, birds, canals, lakes, ocean...a wonderful surprise.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Battle of the scents

I selected several perfume ads from magazines we subscribed for this post. First time I visited the States I was magnetized by the glamorous perfume ads I saw on all kinds of media but the magazine ones were my favorite sources.

Simply because it those samples on the edge of the page that you can rip it off and smell the diverse variety of scents of each perfume. I was just wondering how effect those samples are and to me it works.
I love the simple action of rip those off and try for the first time that new perfume. It has helped me to pick a new fragrance for the coming season. Last year W gave me the first Tom Ford perfume and I loved it. W heard me saying I liked it because I had opened one of those samples and experience a portion (very small one) of that glamorous and sophisticated world of Mr. Ford. Isn't that what some brands do for us? Brands give us an ephemeral illusion that we belong to that selected portion of society that really can afford such of expensive items?
This year I have not picked any new perfume but I wonder how people select their new perfumes with so much to choose from. The variety is countless but all of them have in common an aura of sophistication and many times high profile celebrities endorsing their advertises.

Jean Paul Gaultier famous "Le male" ad is a classic and after many years it remains so elegant and sensuous without being vulgar. I have a friend in Brazil who feels very special because he's been wearing "only" JPG "le male" since it came out in the market. I think that its bottle became iconic and one of the most successful fragrance's bottle ever created. Everybody who is into brands recognize it.

Yves Saint Laurent new "La nuit de l'homme"(my poor translation it'd be: the night of a man) is occupying the front windows of Lord & Taylor in New York City. The add transmits class, power and masculinity. I tried the magazine sample and I liked it. Di not loved it!

Above is one of the pictures illustrating a story on Clive Owen for the latest issue of Details. I wonder which fragrance Mr. Owen wears it?! He was fabulous on "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts. If you have not seen run and rent or buy it on DVD. Maravilhozzo! Both are tremendous!

Above you can see that I was so excited about this cologne that I literally ripped off the sample...fabulous scent!

This is the new Tom Ford "Grey Vetiver" perfume's add. He decided to be the model as well. Mr. Ford abala tudo! He rocks! I like this one but I am still loving the previous one better. It's worth to try it and maybe you will buy this one for your honey!

Justin Timberlake for Givenchy. "Play" - what a suggestive name!?

The two last images belong to the new Dolce & Gabbana fragrances...5 of them at same time.
The inspiration comes form 5 Tarot cards - the add brought 2 fashion icons together... Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Talking about glamour and power, wow! I am not totally sure but I think the male model in the middle is Brazilian. I need to check on that...

Well, I don;t know about you but I do have timeless favorite fragrances and regardless the new additions to my tray, I stick with them until I die.

For the winter season - Zino Davidoff - black bottle - oily, strong and memorable.
For between..many...pop ones, cheap ones and sometimes expensive one (those I wear with moderation so it last longer)

How about you?!
How do you select new fragrances?
Does the add influence your taste?
With so many gorgeous and famous faces endorsing many brands, would you pick DG "The one" with Mathew or "Play" by Givencg by with Justin ?

As fars as the fragrance magazine's samples I have to say that I like it so much that I even had rub then om my when I go to the store to buy it I've known already what its on my skin. Use those samples and make them work for you.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Have you heard about Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian?
"These two martyrs were twin brothers from Syria who lived in the fourth century. They were very famous students of science and both became excellent doctors. Cosmas and Damien saw in every patient a brother or sister in Christ. For this reason, they showed great charity to all and treated their patients to the best of their ability. Yet no matter how much care a patient required, neither Cosmas nor Damien ever accepted any money for their services. For this reason, they were called by a name in Greek which means "the penniless ones."
In Brazil today's is party day...many people dedicate their entire day to honor the twin saints...their devotees give away cake and candies to kids that knock their doors asking for version of the Halloween Holiday. many of their devotees also dedicate portion of their time to assist homeless kids and orphans.

" Papai soltei um balao,
pr'a toda as criancas que tem la no ceu...
tem doce sinha, tem doce sinha,
tem doce la no jardim..."

May life be sweet and happy, like an endless joyful day on the beach

Night and Day

The two last pictures above were taken on September 6Th in NY . W and I were exhausted and straving and our friend V came along with us to take the train to Newark. On our way to Penn Station he suggested a stop at a traditional 24 hrs dinner in Manhattan.
So, it was fun to finish a week of all Brazilian eating a burger at an American dinner. So, if you have a chance visit this place called Skylight Dinner..funtabulous service, fabulous food and amazing place to experience an authentic facet of America.

Towards to the end of same week we flew to Florida and spent few days with our cousins in Tampa.
Below 3 views of Tampa Bay... locals enjoying their last days of Summer... beautiful place and great weather. Now I understand why so many people wants to retire in Florida.

Incredible white sand.