Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The picture above was taken at our kitchen last camera wasn't the right one but  I couldn't wait to get the good camera so we used a cell phone camera.
It is  yelloowish but it probably works well to illustrate this post.
We have decided that the "best place in the world is here and right now" and we are enjoying the small pleasures that makes our lives more colorful, flavorful and truly daliciuus™.

Below 2 recipes for you to make your life more daliciuus as well!

Caprezze salad by WW

buffalo mozzarela
meaty basil leaves (large and big ones) ( we got form the amish at the WC grower's market)
large tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper
salt to taste

I am terrible with quantities but just do this:

Cut thick slices of mozzarela and tomatoes and pile them up like this:

tomatoe slice + basil leaves + mozzarela slice  + tomato + basil again +  mozzarela + basil

Add salt and pepper to taste and drizzle with olive oil. Add your favorite roll on the side and ta meu bem!
(to make it more festive use vintage Fiesta dessert plates)

to drink with it:

White wine sangria by Fernando Dasilva

Again, eye ball all ingredientes and you will be fine.

* White Chablis( cheap and sweet enough)
*VSOP brandy
* Triple sec
* One apple
* Two sliced oranges
* One Asian pear
* Sparkling water ( optional and my favorite is sparkling wine but if there isn't one water will be fine)
* One lime
* Sugar in the raw or white sugar (of course)

Mixing all:

* First cut all the fruits on your favorite shape and size and add to a large pitcher
* Squeeze the lime into it and then add sugar enough...I'd say at least 5 large spoons and then smash the fruits and the sugar with a wood spoon (or any of your favorite kitchen utensil)
* Start adding the brandy, triple sec and the wine.
*Add lots, but lots of ice cubes and then add sparkling water to add bubbles to it.
* Sreve on bordeaux wine glasses or tall vintage water glasses.

Thim tchim!

Enjoy it!

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Vinny said...

What a combination ! I hope to be able to repeat the recipe at home one day ! Thanks