Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last June we were in Vegas for the JCK Show and made the time to see Shannel performing at The Gipsy.
Shannel is a fabulous drag queen who was part of the first cast of the RuPaul's Drag Race Reality TV Show.

Shannel did not win the competition but he/she got lots of exposure and we were happy to see him performing live.
Our party of 5 unanimously loved everything.
The whole show was fabulous and we laughed our asses off with her.
Shannel delivers a very well put together script where she plays  several characters through the show - a little stand up comedy, a sexual therapist, a bootilitious gal, a diva pop and a Hollywood star.
Her costumes are amazingly done and it's clear that many hours of work are put in it to get the look as glamourous as posssible.
Here are some of the best moments of Shannel who was born to be a star.

I loved the "subltle" earrings.

This was the hottest moment of that night...she did a cover of Lady Gaga that was astonishing. Lady Gaga would be so proud of him. Not mentioning the daring costume that barely covered his body.

BIG diva entrance! This costume was amazing. Star power!

Shannel is the drag queen name of Bryan Watkins.
Pictures were taken with permission from him, although he is no longer in Las Vegas, after an 8 years run at the Gypsy.  Bryan has moved to Seattle Washington, if you are there make sure to go see him.


Vinny said...

Oh My ! I just saw the Rupaul's drag race Season 2 . Never seen the season 1 . Only now I could relate this post to the Race ... LOL ... No doubt Shannel was the most talented and glamorous contestant of the Race . Too bad they let her go . She's already a winner in what she does at best ! Thanks for sharing .

Jimmy said...

I am in love with Shannel...Ever since the first time I saw her on Rue Paul's Drag Race....she walked out and took my breath away. I have never seen a more stunning, more beautiful, more unique looking drag queen in my life....the title 'Drag Queen" doesn't come close to describing her. She is a Drag Phenomenon...her eyes, her body...her make up and clothes are just above and beyond the call of duty.
I would give anything to see her perform live. I heard she was here in Seattle but I missed out on it...One day I will be able to tell her to her face how fabulous I think she is.
Rock On are truly a Goddess

Dragyn said...

If Shannel is now living in the Emerald City, then the Pacific Northwet has gotten some damned class!!! I live in Portland, just down I5...Bryan has absolutely gorgeous eyes, and if he weren't gay, I could think about hitting on him.. Or if he were bi, even... I am... Love ya, Shannel!!! (and Bryan)