Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am kicking off the begining of my next instructional jewelry book. The title hasn't been decided yet but for now the blog "Modern Expressions" will host my creative process during the making off  of it.

I will be talking about my inspirations, color palette, components and will be posting images of what will become a jewelry piece or a portion of the final piece itself but only portions of it.
Everything else that surrounds my profissional life will be also added to this blog/making off...trips to trade shows, workshops, future projects,  selection of ideas, sketches and all jewelry related topics that will run into my way during this date until the book is released to the public. This blog also can continue after all as my main venue for my daily production.
I picked this picture of one of the most beautiful monuments in my hometown because I 've realized that I have been exposed to a modern aesthetic since I was born. Brazilia is the most modern expression in my life and its architecture remains my major source for inspiration.
So, now Daliciuus will be a space openly dedicated to my personal view about everything.
I hope you follow the new blog and remains a loyal reader of this one as well.

Beijos, kisses and bacione!


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