Thursday, October 15, 2009


We saw this documentary 2 weeks ago and it was fabulous. If you have a chance run to see it atheater next to you. It's totally worthy to see the backstage of a fabulous and iconic magazine as VOGUE. 
Here is the link. I couldn find any picture to illustrate this post.
I loved to see the fragile side behind such strong personalities.

W and I enjoyed the entire movie and there is no dragging. Anna Wintour is so interesting and the director did a great job capturing her inner emotions even on her silence.
My only frustration was to witness the lack of style of some of the people who works in VOGUE...women in make up, no high heels, no beautiful clothes, no lisptick,  not EVEN hair done...WHAT'S UP with that !!!
Anna created her own style on dressing, hair cut, sun glasses and my favorite was the jewelry she wears g daily... during the movie 3 fabulous graduated colored gemstone necklaces. But besides her, most of the cast is very plain and you can't believe that those powerful women dictates fashion.
My mom will be in disbelief when she sees it.

BUT for me the best recent documentary about the fashion is "Valentino - the last Emperor"...away more glamourous...loved it!
I think these two will be awarded next year.
Go and check it out for yourself.

XoXo !!!

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