Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Earrings, earrings, earrings!™" is a new title on the Do It Yourself world. The book was edited by Barb Switzer, a fellow jewelry designer and former editor of "Simply Beads" magazine, a publication that had myself as a regular contributor. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer in the market but Barb has selected a vibrant and happy collection of fabulous jewelry projects signed by names like Candie Cooper, Krystal Wick, Margot Potter, Molly Schaller among others. The designs are  for either "easy" or "intermediate" level and there are a few sets for those who feel like only earrings are not enough.

Titles like "loopy Tuesday" (Barb Switzer), "crystal stash"(Margot Potter), "when the sharks bite" (Jean Yates), "recycle with style"(Liz Revit), "architectural elegance"( Molly Schaler), "love code set"(Melissa Lee), "dancing stars" (Caito Amorose) and "sassy silk posts" (Krystal Wick) made this jewelry collection timeless and fun to look at.

The photography signed by Matt Owen is outstanding - it serves the jewelry like it should always be - the reader can identify components and its qualities effortlessly. Mr. Owen knows how to capture the beauty of each piece and understands how light refracts through a gemstone or a crystal.

I was invited to be part of this project and I am very satisfied with its final product.  My first reaction to the book was a big smile. I believe that good designers know their craft and on top of all know intuitively how their creations should look and this book is right on !

The  colorful tiling "in sets" tells upfront what the reader will find inside of the book. 

Above my first project "wrapped hoops" ...this is one of my few designs using Crystallized™ fiber paired with ColourCraft™ artistic wire. On the color side I used crystal copper beads and lemon quartz faceted stones to bedazzled it. Flat circles and ear post in sterling silver and head pins in gold color.

The project above was inspired by music and I named it: "sweet and comic Valentine" because of the lyrics of "My funny Valentine". Those diamond cut heart shape Quick Links™ combined with Crystallized™ heart beads made the set.  The twist came on a form of upside down earring dangles.  Jazzy and Daliciuusly CHIC !!!

Ohhhhhhh..those shoulder dusters! I loved those! Yes, they are for tall, sleek women but why not to be somebody you are not for one day? Think about that girl who's not you but  wishes to be the opposite..try to be her once in a life time, it might be fun! 
Above is "Tara shoulder dusters" before India to be IN.
Simple gold plated flower connectors in line ending with delicate black onyx faceted briolettes. To add possess, simple dangles of faceted round cubic zircon beads...of course, a vibrant color in the middle to brake the darkness...Dasilva never does only black!

Look for the book to check out all the other fabulous designs at your local bookstore.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here's a second free jewelry project from Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed co-written by Katie Hacker and Margot Potter released by F+W Pubs 2009.

In last week's post I invited readers to leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the book. The name that was randomly selected from the bag is Grace...  
(Please, email-me your mailing address at Viva!

This week , you are all invited to leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a Connections kit, so you can make Katie's necklace. 


Excerpt from Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed
Design Copyright  2009  Katie Hacker 

On this design, Katie created a very feminine and sensual necklace using toggle rings as links between crystal elements.


3  14mm cosmic rings
5 8mm Siam round double loop channel crystal sets
3 6mm clear round single loop channel crystal set

small silver curb chain
17 4mm round silver jump rings
9 8mm round silver jump rings
silver toggle clasp


chain nose pliers
wire cutters


1. Cut the chain into the following lengths:

2. Pass one 8mm jump ring through the lower hole on the sew-on stone and use it to connect a toggle ring.

3. Pass a 4mm jump ring through the loop on the toggle and use it to connect to Siam crystal channel.

4. Pass one 8mm jump ring through the lower loop on the Siam crystal channel and use it to connect to a cosmic ring.

5. Attach another 8mm jump ring to the cosmic ring and use it to connect a toggle ring.

6. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach the tree 2" chain lengths to the  lower loop on the toggle. Cut the chain so they're slightly uneven in length.

7. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach a clear crystal channel to the end of each chain.

8. Pass one 8mm jump ring through the upper hole on the sew-on stone and use it to connect to a toggle ring.

9. Pass a 4mm jump ring through the loop on the toggle and use it to connect t a Siam crystal channel.

10. pass a 4mm jump ring through the other loop on the Siam crystal channel and use it to connect the loop on a toggle ring. 

11. Pass one 8mm jump ring through the toggle ring and use it to connect to a cosmic ring.

12. Pass another 8mm jump ring through the cosmic ring and use it to connect a toggle ring.

13. Pass a 4mm jump ring through the loop on the toggle ring and use it to connect a Siam crystal channel.

14. Pass a 4mm jump ring through the other loop on the Siam crystal channel and use it to connect  the loop on the toggle ring.

15. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach three 4" lengths of chain to the toggle ring.

16. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach half of a clasp to the end of the necklace.

17. Repeat steps 8-16  to complete the other side of necklace.

This design features Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements; chain and findings from Beadalon®.

Look for the book for step by step pictures of the project.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Magazines, covers and advertises

Above is the cover of the latest issue of Philadelphia Magazine...can somebody tell me why not 69 ways to spend less instead of 68 ?
I don't get it! 
Could have been away more interesting!
Among the 68 tips  my top of the list are all the places for parking in the city for much less money...but I did like the colors on the, grey, white and yellow always work.   

I was in Manhattan a week ago and I pop by at Gap to buy a few tees...colorful and cheap. And they were playing the Beatles and I realized that the 60's n  70's are so IN theses days...and on the cover of the latest New York magazine issue the model looks just like of one of the boys from Liverpool. Imagine!!!

This is the lat es issue of my Latin People..I loved it...the artists are all so dramatic, lots of everything, lots of colors, lots of make up, lots of boobs, lots of hunks...and talking about hunks, the one on the cover is daliciuusly beautiful..he is a soap actor and is huge in Latin America...guess why?! Talent dahhling...he is very talented ... and gorgeous.
by the way, her necklace is fabulous and follows the cleavage line but starts next to the neck and goes to paradise land.

Anne Hathaway looks incredibly beautiful ad these spread for W.  There is so many talented artists working for W, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar and Elle that I cannot understand why Hollywood have not called them asking for help on the red carpet( I will talk about last night Oscar's down on the road). The Oscars would be way more interesting.  

The cover of OUT magazine is a work of art signed by  Pierre et Gilles - two talented multi  - media artist from France who have taken Pop Art to its extreme. Names like Madonna, Sofia Loren, Nina Hagen, Naomi Campbell, Aidan Shawn, are a few of the people who have already been portrayed by their visionary work. On this set a psychedelic splash of paints frame the tanned body and vibe of the model...hummmmm...summer time.      

Actor James Franco( Milk, Pineapple Express) looks great! The boyish face is gone and he seems ready to arrive in Monte Carlo for a weekend of extravaganza - through Gucci hands, of course!   

Linda Evangelista is a legend and  she shows her endless beauty and top model qualities on this fabulous spread for W.
I cut Linda's face on my scanned version on this ad cause I want you to focus on those dramatic 

I was in love with this ad since I've seen for the first Emporio Armani Diamonds for men...Josh Hartnett looks casually chic and provocative...that smirk smile and fiery eyes tell all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Demos for Beadalon and New products

SILVEROSE is the new  stringing wire created under the Beadalon brand. The wire is silver plated and copper color together what gives an overall look of  rose color effect.  A perfect match with copper findings, a touch of silver and gold accents and  vintage rose Crystallized™ elements.
Beadalon® is still the most innovative and creative brand of American stainless steel stringing wire in the Arts and Crafts scene and got one of the best design active design team these days.

Below is a shot of an earrings display made with twisted ColourCraft wire designed by WW for his Beadalon demo station and right next to it the new selection of bails ready to be used with gemstones donuts and Crystallized™ pendants. A must have item at a non professional jewelry designer - no wire wrapping skills are need at all.  On the far right a section of a very refined wire wrapped necklace made with gold plated German Style wire - a fabulous alternative for an oppulent gold look at a low cost.

Shoulder dusters earrings knotted on silk. CZ Gem dropz briolettes and and Crystallized elements.


On left : A cocktail ring assembled w/ silver plated bead caps, head pins and a 9 loops adjustable ring(I love those) and Crystallized 6mm tanzanite top drilled bicones pendants.
The hand display is black so tanzanite looks more like cobalt blue to me.

Right: Necklace made with oval n round quick links, fresh water coin pearls and several Crystallized elements, featuring two of the latest trendcolors: mocca and sand opal.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009







CASCADE EARRINGS (picture above)

Excerpt from Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed
North Light Books
Copyright 2009
Margot Potter

This beaded wire fringe is a fun new take on a traditional idea. Margot wants to make the colors festive, like a fireworks display. 


All the beads featured on this design are Crystallized™  Swarovski Elements

5    4mm padparasha round
5    4mm Indian sapphire rounds  
5    4mm topaz rounds
5    4mm black diamond rounds
8    gold plated  cones
8    gold plated eye pins
32  gold plated crimp beads
8    3" lenghts .018 Satin gold wire
4    5mm gold plated jump rings
2    gold plated toggle circle ends


Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Nipper tool


1. Cut 8 3" and 8 2.75" of satin gold wire. Flatten a crimp bead flush to the end  of a wire section using chain nose pliers.  Slide a light topaz and a padparadscha bead onto the wire. Flatten  a crimp bead  flush to open  end of the wire. Use wire cutters to cut off any excess wire.
Repeat to make another beaded segment with an Indian Sapphire and a black diamond bead. Repeat  to make a total of 8 padparadscha  and light topaz segments and 8 Indian Sapphire and black diamond beaded segments.

2. Thread 2 beaded segments, 1 padparadscha-topaz and 1 Sapphire -diamond  onto the  pre-opened end of an eye pin.

3. Close the eye pin and thread it into a cone. Keep the wires even as you pull the tall of the eye pin inside of the cone, using round nose pliers to grab the wire.

4. Keep tension on the eye pin as you create  a coiled loop flush with the top of the cone.  Repeat to make fringe  with 4 cones for each earring, creating 2 for each earring with short tassels  and 2 with long tassels.

5. Slide each of the remaining beads onto a headpin and make a wrapped loop above  each bead. 

6. Slide 1 dangle and 1 cone onto a jump rig. Repeat for the remaining cones and dangles.  Link 4 jump rings together in a chain, then link the top jump ring to a toggle clasp ring. Link the ring to an ear wire . Repeat to make the second earring.

PS : Buy the book so you can follow all the step by step pictures.


Leave a comment to win a free copy of the book along with a special prize. I will randomly select a winner next Tuesday. 

Good luck!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Having a glamorous Crystallized™  with Swarovski® Elements curtain as a background  this blogger and fellow designers  Margot Potter and Katie Hacker signed and gave away free copies of "Exposed" during the Create Your Style Workshops in Tucson last Feb 5th.
Exposed Bead and Wire Jewelry is the newest guide of handmade jewelry assembled uniquely with Beadalon® findings and Crystallized elements. 

Lightness, style, creativity and fresh ideas using stringing wire and basic components widely available in the market are the filling of this hot of the press book.

An excited crew were waiting to meet the authors and take their freebies home - that included press material and "bonbons" Garoto® from Brazil to accentuate the elegance of the occasion. Yes, bubbles were missing but people cannot drink and drive so we had to skip that.
We all believe that the whole package was definitely GLAMOURAMA !!!

It seems like we were having a ball! Look at our faces...

Check that crew of very charming ladies fighting for a copy of  "Exposed"... see, I have told you people. 

The 3 still bookable Create Your Style Ambassadors for Crystallized elements - from left: Me, Katie Hacker and Margot Potter. 

Surfing with a paddle

How cool is that!?! 
I was in awe with this guy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hermosa Beach - California

On the photo above, a surfer was patiently waiting for the ride of his life. His posture tell us all.
Water mirror...silver over dark blue.

Stunning Sunset in Hermosa Beach. It's impossible to re create the colors on this scenery.

While part of the country experiences a cold and freezing weather, in California winter days have been sunny, hot and full of life.
Still in Hermosa Beach the traditional The Comedy and Magic Club opens its doors for lots of laughing.