Monday, February 23, 2009

Magazines, covers and advertises

Above is the cover of the latest issue of Philadelphia Magazine...can somebody tell me why not 69 ways to spend less instead of 68 ?
I don't get it! 
Could have been away more interesting!
Among the 68 tips  my top of the list are all the places for parking in the city for much less money...but I did like the colors on the, grey, white and yellow always work.   

I was in Manhattan a week ago and I pop by at Gap to buy a few tees...colorful and cheap. And they were playing the Beatles and I realized that the 60's n  70's are so IN theses days...and on the cover of the latest New York magazine issue the model looks just like of one of the boys from Liverpool. Imagine!!!

This is the lat es issue of my Latin People..I loved it...the artists are all so dramatic, lots of everything, lots of colors, lots of make up, lots of boobs, lots of hunks...and talking about hunks, the one on the cover is daliciuusly beautiful..he is a soap actor and is huge in Latin America...guess why?! Talent dahhling...he is very talented ... and gorgeous.
by the way, her necklace is fabulous and follows the cleavage line but starts next to the neck and goes to paradise land.

Anne Hathaway looks incredibly beautiful ad these spread for W.  There is so many talented artists working for W, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar and Elle that I cannot understand why Hollywood have not called them asking for help on the red carpet( I will talk about last night Oscar's down on the road). The Oscars would be way more interesting.  

The cover of OUT magazine is a work of art signed by  Pierre et Gilles - two talented multi  - media artist from France who have taken Pop Art to its extreme. Names like Madonna, Sofia Loren, Nina Hagen, Naomi Campbell, Aidan Shawn, are a few of the people who have already been portrayed by their visionary work. On this set a psychedelic splash of paints frame the tanned body and vibe of the model...hummmmm...summer time.      

Actor James Franco( Milk, Pineapple Express) looks great! The boyish face is gone and he seems ready to arrive in Monte Carlo for a weekend of extravaganza - through Gucci hands, of course!   

Linda Evangelista is a legend and  she shows her endless beauty and top model qualities on this fabulous spread for W.
I cut Linda's face on my scanned version on this ad cause I want you to focus on those dramatic 

I was in love with this ad since I've seen for the first Emporio Armani Diamonds for men...Josh Hartnett looks casually chic and provocative...that smirk smile and fiery eyes tell all.


marcio said...

So nice to see legendary Linda in W. She does not work as much anymore and I miss her. I love James Franco!! Thank you Fernando.

Fernando Dasilva said...


Your comment validated my post and meant a lot to me. I will be posting some fabulus pics of Linda for Versace soon. She is incredibly talented and the spread mentioned here with "W" was released last December. She was one of Gianni Versace's favorite.