Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Earrings, earrings, earrings!™" is a new title on the Do It Yourself world. The book was edited by Barb Switzer, a fellow jewelry designer and former editor of "Simply Beads" magazine, a publication that had myself as a regular contributor. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer in the market but Barb has selected a vibrant and happy collection of fabulous jewelry projects signed by names like Candie Cooper, Krystal Wick, Margot Potter, Molly Schaller among others. The designs are  for either "easy" or "intermediate" level and there are a few sets for those who feel like only earrings are not enough.

Titles like "loopy Tuesday" (Barb Switzer), "crystal stash"(Margot Potter), "when the sharks bite" (Jean Yates), "recycle with style"(Liz Revit), "architectural elegance"( Molly Schaler), "love code set"(Melissa Lee), "dancing stars" (Caito Amorose) and "sassy silk posts" (Krystal Wick) made this jewelry collection timeless and fun to look at.

The photography signed by Matt Owen is outstanding - it serves the jewelry like it should always be - the reader can identify components and its qualities effortlessly. Mr. Owen knows how to capture the beauty of each piece and understands how light refracts through a gemstone or a crystal.

I was invited to be part of this project and I am very satisfied with its final product.  My first reaction to the book was a big smile. I believe that good designers know their craft and on top of all know intuitively how their creations should look and this book is right on !

The  colorful tiling "in sets" tells upfront what the reader will find inside of the book. 

Above my first project "wrapped hoops" ...this is one of my few designs using Crystallized™ fiber paired with ColourCraft™ artistic wire. On the color side I used crystal copper beads and lemon quartz faceted stones to bedazzled it. Flat circles and ear post in sterling silver and head pins in gold color.

The project above was inspired by music and I named it: "sweet and comic Valentine" because of the lyrics of "My funny Valentine". Those diamond cut heart shape Quick Links™ combined with Crystallized™ heart beads made the set.  The twist came on a form of upside down earring dangles.  Jazzy and Daliciuusly CHIC !!!

Ohhhhhhh..those shoulder dusters! I loved those! Yes, they are for tall, sleek women but why not to be somebody you are not for one day? Think about that girl who's not you but  wishes to be the opposite..try to be her once in a life time, it might be fun! 
Above is "Tara shoulder dusters" before India to be IN.
Simple gold plated flower connectors in line ending with delicate black onyx faceted briolettes. To add possess, simple dangles of faceted round cubic zircon beads...of course, a vibrant color in the middle to brake the darkness...Dasilva never does only black!

Look for the book to check out all the other fabulous designs at your local bookstore.


Anonymous said...


I totally agree about the photography. It was so beautiful without detracting from the jewelry. Thanks for mentioning my work!


Fernando Dasilva said...


Thanks for the compliments. Your "Archictectural set" is very elegant.