Tuesday, March 3, 2009



My mother never goes out in public without at least a pair of earrings. I know there are many women like her, and that led me to envision a pair of slim and elegant drop earrings suitable for many occasions. 
I paired polished surfaces with rubber textures. The result, I think, is an updated version of the traditional drop earring. Incorporating the square Crystallized buttons with teardrop crystals and satin gold bead bumpers™ results in an edgy but wearable design.


2 Swarovski 14mm light Colorado topaz square crystal buttons
2 Swarovski 24 x 12mm Terrenum long tear drop crystal pendants

14 gold plated 4mm light weight jump rings
2 gold plated modern ear post
4 gold plated pinch bails
50 satin gold cube bead bumpers – 1.7mm
16” of gold plated German style wire 


Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers 
Beadstrom™ round nose pliers
Beadstrom™ flush cutter
Mighty crimp tool


1.Using the outside jaw of the mighty crimper tool attach 1 pinch bail to each hole of one square button; be gentle using the crimper tool otherwise the edges of the button will chip and you don’t want that to happen; 
2. Attach one pinch bail to the long tear drop; use the same techniques applied on step 1; 
3. Using chain nose pliers wrap one of the tips of German style wire to the tear drop assembled on step 2; place the tip of wire into the edge of pinch bail and turning around its neck twice; trim excess wire and tuck the tip under the wrapped portion; 
4. String 25 gold satin bead bumpers onto the German style wire; wrap around the tear drop on vertical position and finish the same way was done in step 3; make sure the wire was wrapped tight around the crystal tear drop and then trim excess wire; 
5. Open 1 4mm round jump rings and slide through tear drop’s pinch bail ring and then close gently; attach a second jump ring following same directions;
6. Open a 6mmm round jump ring and string 4 bead bumpers into it;
7. Repeat step 5 to attach 2 others 4mm round jump rings to square button pinch bail and then attach it to 6mm jump ring;
8. Attach the portion finished on step 7 to 2 round jump rings and then attached to a single jump ring previously attached to modern ear post;

9. Repeat all step to make matching earrings.

Post a comment to enter a drawing to win a kit to make this design .  I will reveal the winner next Wednesday. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

oi...querido...este brinco esta maravilhoso...estou amando os eu trabalho...Parabens!!!! Desejo um ano de muiiiiiiito sucesso, sorrrte, e prosperidade...que voce conquiste milhoes de amigos e clientes...


grace said...

Love that little kink in the wire for an added design element! Nice touch.