Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Crafters Choice book club added to their product list our fabulous " Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed " with a different cover from its original version. The new cover features my "Twisted garden" necklace that is a sibling of the original version created exclusively for Beadalon called "Rhythmns and blues". I revisited my own design creating a pink-fuchsia-reddish Crystallized version because I did like the original design conception that combined crystal and gemstones.
The original cover can be found widely and this version is only available through the book club.
I like seeing my design on the cover but I like the original version as well. The new look made me think about some very chic magazines that once in awhile release two different covers of the same issue, offering to the public the luxury of choosing the cover they like better. I wish this option was widely available. In other words:
I feel so luxuriously represented!!!

Because I did not get many comments on last week post, the winner of the "Golden Glow" kit is Grace, again!
Well, the other comment was placed by my mother and let's face it - she can have any of my kits anytime so I am keeping her out of this gig.  


grace said...

Thank you for the "Golden Glow" kit! LOL that the other comment posted was your mother's. Also thank you for sharing the alternate cover featuring your beautiful necklace design. If was wondering if I won the "Connectors" necklace kit too since I was the only comment for that drawing. I haven't received the "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed" book that was awarded a few weeks ago. If you haven't sent it yet, will you please sign it? In my excitement, I completely forgot to ask. I'll let you know when the book and "Golden Glow" kit arrive. Thank you for your generosity and have a great weekend!

chinamomxtwo said...
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chinamomxtwo said...

Ooooh! L-o-v-e the design and colors of the necklace!! I need to get this book!

grace said...

The book arrived in yesterday's mail...and you did sign the book! Yay! Thank you very much! It took 16 days but well worth the wait. Question: Your Zephyr lariat has 28 inches and 30 inches for the wire and the frosted rubber tubing in the material list but the instructions refer to much shorter lengths. Is that a typo in the instructions? Otherwise, no adult would be able to fit the 15-inch length over her head to wear around the neck. Love the concept of the detachable dangle and your dangle examples are the best. Again, I appreciate the book and the personal remarks you included inside the cover with the colorful promo postcard. Again, many thanks!

Fernando Dasilva said...

Grace and Chinamo...
Thanks for the compliments.


There are few mistakes on some of my instructions. Pls, accept my apologies.
As fars as the "Zephyr lariat" lenght the ideal would be between 24 and 26 inches but you can always customize to your preference. I usually work with more stringing wire than is necesary because I like to have more than I need and it gives me the chance to change my mind during the assembling process.
This lariat is fun, modern and can be easily made.
Butterflies to pay homage to Mariah Carey.