Wednesday, March 25, 2009


W and I went  to Toronto a week ago and it was delightful. The trip was full of surprises and I will be posting here few shots of the trip. 
First of all I'd like to say how wonderful was to meet talented and generous people and Katherine Song tops this list and was one of the high ligths of our trip. We were friends on Facebook and I have seen some of her fabulous designs for Crystallized. I was granted with her presence and she was very kind on telling me things that are happening in the industry and I didn't know. Also she was worried about me having the right jacket for the Canadian cold was freaking cold and I wasn't that IN. She is busy with many projects but she made the time to call me and email me. So finally on Saturday we meet at John Bead Showroom and it was great. Her work is beautiful and she already understands a lot about the meticulous and tricky business of being a versatile, talented and approachable jewelry designer. For a sneak pick of her last trends visit her website - .

" Katherine Song is a Canadian-based fashion jewellery designer and winner of Swarovski’s prestigious 2005 Design Contest and has served on the jury for the 2006 Tucson Design Contest. Katherine is excited and honoured to have her Swarovski Lariat Necklace chosen for the 29th Annual Genie Awards Gift Bag. “WILD” the new Spring/Summer 2009 collection, incorporates a stunning Swarovski crystal pendant strung on cotton cord and highlighted with sterling silver and non- tarnish bronze. This smart mix of crystal and natural materials gives look a FRESH!STYLISH!FREE! and WILD! "

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Katherine Song said...

Thanks my dear! A warm hug from Toronto 2012!