Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I subscribe an online Horoscope site and I like to check it out to see how the Zodiac interprets the planets. Yes, I am a lunatic! I am posting the headline for today cause my big- brother -friend Bruno is Aries and I am Virgo so I thought today's words are very instigating. I hope you like it ...just for fuuun!!! besides, I can't wait for mother nature to wake up!

" Today's Outlook:

 Although spring officially began on Friday, we receive a cosmic confirmation today as mental Mercury enters pioneering Aries, followed tomorrow by the Moon. In our minds, the waiting period is over, but it may take until after tomorrow's Aries New Moon to actually move our ideas forward. Additionally, it's challenging to be as straightforward as we wish; even with the planets piling up in Aries, retrograde Venus tends to make us wait for satisfaction. "

SatisfaAction... aunt Jagger honey! Jagger!

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