Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I subscribe an online Horoscope site and I like to check it out to see how the Zodiac interprets the planets. Yes, I am a lunatic! I am posting the headline for today cause my big- brother -friend Bruno is Aries and I am Virgo so I thought today's words are very instigating. I hope you like it ...just for fuuun!!! besides, I can't wait for mother nature to wake up!

" Today's Outlook:

 Although spring officially began on Friday, we receive a cosmic confirmation today as mental Mercury enters pioneering Aries, followed tomorrow by the Moon. In our minds, the waiting period is over, but it may take until after tomorrow's Aries New Moon to actually move our ideas forward. Additionally, it's challenging to be as straightforward as we wish; even with the planets piling up in Aries, retrograde Venus tends to make us wait for satisfaction. "

SatisfaAction... aunt Jagger honey! Jagger!


W and I went  to Toronto a week ago and it was delightful. The trip was full of surprises and I will be posting here few shots of the trip. 
First of all I'd like to say how wonderful was to meet talented and generous people and Katherine Song tops this list and was one of the high ligths of our trip. We were friends on Facebook and I have seen some of her fabulous designs for Crystallized. I was granted with her presence and she was very kind on telling me things that are happening in the industry and I didn't know. Also she was worried about me having the right jacket for the Canadian cold was freaking cold and I wasn't that IN. She is busy with many projects but she made the time to call me and email me. So finally on Saturday we meet at John Bead Showroom and it was great. Her work is beautiful and she already understands a lot about the meticulous and tricky business of being a versatile, talented and approachable jewelry designer. For a sneak pick of her last trends visit her website - .

" Katherine Song is a Canadian-based fashion jewellery designer and winner of Swarovski’s prestigious 2005 Design Contest and has served on the jury for the 2006 Tucson Design Contest. Katherine is excited and honoured to have her Swarovski Lariat Necklace chosen for the 29th Annual Genie Awards Gift Bag. “WILD” the new Spring/Summer 2009 collection, incorporates a stunning Swarovski crystal pendant strung on cotton cord and highlighted with sterling silver and non- tarnish bronze. This smart mix of crystal and natural materials gives look a FRESH!STYLISH!FREE! and WILD! "


One of the most exciting things I found at the Holidome Show in Tucson last February  was a line of colored gemstones components, all encrusted with 22ky gold and stones. Most finished pieces are one of a kind in 18k gold but the 22 k is used to embellish the outside surface of the stones where little stones are eventually set. Yes, stones set on stones...opulent, colorful, chic, rich, divine and the  company's name is  Divinity Imports. You cannot think other than vibrant and wealth Indian Gods and Goddesses when you stare at their pieces. The jewelry is handcrafted and it shows on its details.  For more information on their findings and finished pieces visit their website:

Fresh water pearls, rose quartz, lemon quartz, tanzanite, chalcedony, ruby, turquoise and blue topaz are few of the fabulous gemstones available through "Divinity". You can find beads, briolettes, pendants, earrings parts and clasps ready to be assembled into a luxurious design. All is sold by karat, so if your budget is short pick a pair of briolettes and attach to a fabulous ear wire and voila !!!

A trio of embellished links by Divinity can definitely add a red carpet look to your outfit.  

More regal than the set above impossible...turquoise, lapis and diamonds on 22 karat gold - effortlessly DALICIUUS!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Crafters Choice book club added to their product list our fabulous " Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed " with a different cover from its original version. The new cover features my "Twisted garden" necklace that is a sibling of the original version created exclusively for Beadalon called "Rhythmns and blues". I revisited my own design creating a pink-fuchsia-reddish Crystallized version because I did like the original design conception that combined crystal and gemstones.
The original cover can be found widely and this version is only available through the book club.
I like seeing my design on the cover but I like the original version as well. The new look made me think about some very chic magazines that once in awhile release two different covers of the same issue, offering to the public the luxury of choosing the cover they like better. I wish this option was widely available. In other words:
I feel so luxuriously represented!!!

Because I did not get many comments on last week post, the winner of the "Golden Glow" kit is Grace, again!
Well, the other comment was placed by my mother and let's face it - she can have any of my kits anytime so I am keeping her out of this gig.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



My mother never goes out in public without at least a pair of earrings. I know there are many women like her, and that led me to envision a pair of slim and elegant drop earrings suitable for many occasions. 
I paired polished surfaces with rubber textures. The result, I think, is an updated version of the traditional drop earring. Incorporating the square Crystallized buttons with teardrop crystals and satin gold bead bumpers™ results in an edgy but wearable design.


2 Swarovski 14mm light Colorado topaz square crystal buttons
2 Swarovski 24 x 12mm Terrenum long tear drop crystal pendants

14 gold plated 4mm light weight jump rings
2 gold plated modern ear post
4 gold plated pinch bails
50 satin gold cube bead bumpers – 1.7mm
16” of gold plated German style wire 


Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers 
Beadstrom™ round nose pliers
Beadstrom™ flush cutter
Mighty crimp tool


1.Using the outside jaw of the mighty crimper tool attach 1 pinch bail to each hole of one square button; be gentle using the crimper tool otherwise the edges of the button will chip and you don’t want that to happen; 
2. Attach one pinch bail to the long tear drop; use the same techniques applied on step 1; 
3. Using chain nose pliers wrap one of the tips of German style wire to the tear drop assembled on step 2; place the tip of wire into the edge of pinch bail and turning around its neck twice; trim excess wire and tuck the tip under the wrapped portion; 
4. String 25 gold satin bead bumpers onto the German style wire; wrap around the tear drop on vertical position and finish the same way was done in step 3; make sure the wire was wrapped tight around the crystal tear drop and then trim excess wire; 
5. Open 1 4mm round jump rings and slide through tear drop’s pinch bail ring and then close gently; attach a second jump ring following same directions;
6. Open a 6mmm round jump ring and string 4 bead bumpers into it;
7. Repeat step 5 to attach 2 others 4mm round jump rings to square button pinch bail and then attach it to 6mm jump ring;
8. Attach the portion finished on step 7 to 2 round jump rings and then attached to a single jump ring previously attached to modern ear post;

9. Repeat all step to make matching earrings.

Post a comment to enter a drawing to win a kit to make this design .  I will reveal the winner next Wednesday. Good luck!