Friday, June 18, 2010

Style TOHO Party @ Bead and Button 2010

TOHO hosted once again a fabulous night of food, entertainment and art and their customers, fans and followers enjoyed @ the Bead and Button Show 2010 in Milwaukee. The party this year was held at the
CHIQUEEEEERRRIIIIIMO (that means : ultra chic) art gallery space at the Intercontinental Hotel.
Lots of glamour, lots of beads, exquisite and whimsical neckpieces  adorning several necklines that  night and the food was beyond DALICIUUS !
I  thought it was more conservative this year and that "lounge ultra bar" vibe wasn't there like in past years. But regardless it was a very elegant and sophisticated party and below you can check some of my favorites looks of the night.

Beadalon's product manager Wyatt White and Mr. Toho. Young vibe and fun look. Every time those  two meet they share lots of jokes.

This is a funny and happy look. The necklace was very "unexpected" and I couldn't figure out what kind of beads was made off, but it looks like a  ids playground around her neck. She was gratuitous posing  for this blogger.

Above, dressing on a rich chocolate and black long dress is Create-Your-Style with Swarovski Elements Ambassador Anna Draeger. I liked all about ther look. hair, out fit, color choice.
She is on top of her game exuding confidence. I really like the combo clutch and golden cuff.  

I am not sure if the lady above is wearing Missoni but it's definitely on that level. The graphics are amazing and she coordinates short handle purse with gold flats...cute. The necklace is solid black and long enough to keep it chic and airy.

Vibrant color at a vibrant party - better combo impossible. I am a huge fan of this color (chartreuse or lime green) and Debra Rohlfing was impeccable. She is on top of my list for taking risk and make it work. She looks comfortable, elegant and sassy. Gorgeous! Fashionable, fabulous and Daliciuus!!!

I loved the minimalism of her outfit. I do have to say that I missed the make up on both Asian women. 
Over all it's great that she coordinates shoes  and necklace - the amber-brown-turtoise shades can be found on both accessories. The dress is very urban Japan meets New York "I gotta go". 

My three no no go at the party were : party favors bags ( pls. Toho, come up with a different color for t next event), plastic badges and purses.
Can somebody come up with something else than elastic cord and plastic Id names for guests to wear at social events? It kills any fabulous outfit.

As far as the purses, I think woman should wear clutches more often at night events. Long handle purses are very day light and many times don't go with the outfit a woman is wearing. So, for all of my female readers remember: if you have a chance, make a fast and furious purse switch when you have a dinner party or when you  are going to a lounge or club. 

I hope you all enjoy the pics and many thanks to all the ladies who stroke a pose to this blogger.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Praying to Santo Daiquiri

Well, looking back to my post on May I was shocked realizing that I only posted here once...but this blog is a reflection of what's going on in my life and I was taking care of tons of stuff..I doesn't mean that I had nothing to say or to show to all of you - it's all about managing my time and I am not good on that as you have figured by this time.
I got back frm Vegas yesterday...I went for my partner's birth party and to walk JCK Show..the absolutely fabulous JCK.
I will post some notes about the show soon.
Today I am resting and doing some chores and enjoying few cocktails at home...i love to drink at home..if the cocktail doesn't turn out great I don't have anybody to blame but myself...and for now it's all daliciuus
So I hope you are having a daliciuus day and take care!


On left, the first strawberry daiquiri of the day; on the right the third one, with a subtle change.

And remember...make the most of your life and celebrate yourself, your house, your family, your day, your love, your fails and your victories every day of your existence.