Sunday, June 6, 2010

Praying to Santo Daiquiri

Well, looking back to my post on May I was shocked realizing that I only posted here once...but this blog is a reflection of what's going on in my life and I was taking care of tons of stuff..I doesn't mean that I had nothing to say or to show to all of you - it's all about managing my time and I am not good on that as you have figured by this time.
I got back frm Vegas yesterday...I went for my partner's birth party and to walk JCK Show..the absolutely fabulous JCK.
I will post some notes about the show soon.
Today I am resting and doing some chores and enjoying few cocktails at home...i love to drink at home..if the cocktail doesn't turn out great I don't have anybody to blame but myself...and for now it's all daliciuus
So I hope you are having a daliciuus day and take care!


On left, the first strawberry daiquiri of the day; on the right the third one, with a subtle change.

And remember...make the most of your life and celebrate yourself, your house, your family, your day, your love, your fails and your victories every day of your existence. 



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Jill MacKay said...

Love the blog you are fabulous!! Great seeing you and Wyatt at B&B.