Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little of green

These photos were taken in Brazil - Brasilia last December. Straight from my mom's neighborhood - banana and mango trees.

Papayas and a bright sky.

Guys necklaces

Above stainless stell chain necklaces with accent beads. From left to right: frosted black onyx discs, tiger eye horn, ceramic carved Budha bead and graphic red/black glass bead. Just pick your favorite.

Rosary style necklace for a sexy Latin lover look. Lapis lazuli, black bead bumpers by Beadalon, wired ball and horn flat focal accents connectors by John Bead Corporation.

Brown velour tubing, coral bamboo discs, tiger eye and horn focal pendant. A casual beach look for a young and beautiful jock.

Vintage jewelry

The two pieces below were sent to me recently to be repaired. I made both almost 6 years ago and while I was re stringing the carnelian/citrine necklace I have realized that I have created so many pieces in the past years that I do have a vintage collection, but regardless how old they are they all share a timeless aesthetic.

Citrine roundelles, carnelian tubes and orange CZ beads.

Above one of my first necklaces mande in 2001. White fresh water pearls, labradorite and garnet with sterling silver accents.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A homage to OSHOSSI

Oshossi is above of all abundance and prosperity.


       ARAUNXE  KOKE   ODE   BABA  OFA !!!

Oshosi, (also spelt, Ochosi, Oxossi, Oxosi, Ososi), is the deity or Orisha of the forest, and one of the three warrior Orishas "Ibori" in Youruba.  
Oshosi is a hunter, and his role as an often solitary figure in the wilderness lends him another role as a shaman.  

Oshossi is o connected with all hunter cultures as well as the "caboclos" in Brazil know as the spirits of the native American dead, as well as the spirits of the forest.
Oshosi is very important for people of Brazil in Candomble and Umbanda,  both Afro-Brazilian religion derived from the traditional spiritual practises of the Yoruba people of West Africa.

In Brazil he is also identified with Saint Sebastian, who is most often depicted tied and shot of arrows,  which led to his association with the hunter deity...." (source Wikipedia)

In Brazil he is the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro and his festivities happen on every January 20Th. 

Oh, meu glorioso Sao Sebastiao,
que representa Oxossi na terra,
Que nos livre da peste, da fome,
Do frio, da sede, da morte e da guerra.

  ( public domain)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Earrings, earrings...

This month you can find two more of my designs on the latest issue of Simply Beads magazine, as well.

Asked to contribute to a special issue featuring an earrings extravaganza, I collaborated with 2 projects.  Here its a sneak pick of them.

One of the project drives the attention to a fabulous Crystallized element - a rich topaz crystal leaf that steals the show.

On the other project, golden wire and chocolate baroque pearls add an extra texture to an elongated carnelian drop- a perfect accessory to complement any rich brown or animal print outfit. Do it yourself and be chic, be proud and be daliciuus !!!

Step by Step Magazine

You can find one of my projects on the latest issue of Step by Step magazine. 
The project spotlights Quick links™ by Beadalon®, Crystallized™ twisted coins elements and sterling silver spacer frame connectors, a very versatile addition to any creation by John Bead® Corporation.

The shape is alluring, modern and definitely embodies my signature style. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Jewelry for Beadalon

A fresh look at Sangiovese grapes from Tuscany...huahuahua...clusters assembled with wild fire line and only Crystallized™ elements - jet, purple velvet and light violet opal. 


The coolest and newest stringing wire created by Beadalon® - SILVEROSE™ - a literally twisted take of the duo metallic color - silver and rose gold together - an inspirational component by itself. Above, my first creation with it.
I was feeling aggressive so I made this medieval war weapon but on my own kind of weapon...this one doesn't hurt at all. The tube is fluorocarbon line covered by the silverose wire. Innovation is the word !!!

Spiked wired ball© necklace  by Fernando Dasilva


Above, a fashionable accessory that crosses the actions. It  can be worn from day at the office to to night at the lounge. A Quick link™ galore mixed with Lucite, frosted resin, quartz, crystal, fiber and donut shell beads.  


Romantically medieval. Braiding leather cord, organza ribbon and SILVEROSE™ wire together.
I added rich champagne and cream fresh water pearls and sprinkles of Crystallized™ peach bicone elements.

All designs by Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon.

Monday, January 12, 2009


During my holiday season in Brazil last December, I visited the Swarovski® Creative Center in Sao Paulo and I was welcomed by Roberta  Rabani (left of the picture) and Cristina Herrmann(on my right). 

The girls took a first look to "Exposed" and were impressed how approachable all designs are.
It was very nice to exchange experiences  and learn a little more about the do-it- yourself market in Brazil.
Hopefully in the future we will work together to spread the brand Crystallized™  in Brazil.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Effortless astonishing FLORENCE

          Vino Santo with cantucci...a must have, a Tuscan tradition.

Una tavola d'amore. The best meal ever - a La Puglia made by our Italian mamma.  

  Trattoria Za Za...a wonderful place to celebrate LIFE.  

I am clueless about this sculpture but I loved and its located in front of a big gate in the old city.

                  Getting ready to make a Limoncello.

Theseus and the head of Medusa - just doing what Versace had asked him for....ahahahhaa

                                                            A night mirror in the water. 

Brutality, power and submission.

 Ponte Vecchio - from a special angle.

        View of Florence skyline.


" Florence, Firenze, Fiorenza ,Florentia is the capital city of the Italian region of TUSCANY, and the province of Florence.
The city lies on the Arno River and its known for its history and its importance in the Middle Ages and in the RENAISSANCE, especially for its art and architecture. The city is often considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It was long under the rule of the Medici family." (source - Wikipedia)

Surrounded by wonderful friends and my partner I celebrated my personal renaissance last September at this gorgeous city. Inside my blog sphere I have realized that I don't need to be attached to a progressive daily postage schedule and anytime is the right time to share beautiful images.

Monday, January 5, 2009


After months of anxiety the book "Exposed - Bead and Wire Jewelry" is hitting the shelves of the best bookstores countrywide. As I have already mentioned here this book is a collaboration of 3 designers, this blogger, Katie Hacker and Margot Potter, both veterans of the publishing industry with a large number of titles under their signature. On this endeavor I am the newbie one what makes this achievement something to be celebrated. 

To give you a better vision of what's within I am posting several images of my jewelry projects ahead.
The whole conception of the book was based on bringing to the spotlight all the components that usually are hidden in order to assemble the design. 
All the projects feature only Beadalon®  findings and Crystallized™  elements, giving to the reader the best of the best what is available in the industry right now.
Stringing wire, clasps, jump rings, chains, connectors, memory wire and flexible colored wires were exposed to the extreme to highligth the multi facets of the best crystals elements produced in the world.  


 "Lady of the rings" necklace - dressing up inspired by a female warrior.

"Atmosphere" - a casual chocker with a futuristic look.


A pair of dramatic tear drop earrings - exciting geometric shapes and texture - "Golden glow" earrings.


Revisiting the basics - black and white in "In spades" necklace.


"Butterfly lariat" - a quick project to do with your girlfriends between sips of an iced tea.


A trip to India to find your inner goddess - "Lakshmi" chandelier earrings


"Blue lagoon" bracelet - a fun, chic, luscious and edgy project to retire the classic one.


"Artemis" necklace - knotted piece - the foundation of my work. Adding texture to a new green. 


"Galactic waves" necklace - a silver plated wired necklace to reach the galaxies of elegance.


"Brasilia" bracelet - modern look inspired by my hometown. You will find the step by step for this project as a courtesy soon at www.mycraftivity.com .

Now, you can purchase the book and learn how to make all the projects above plus you can make all the other projects designed by the beading divas Katie Hacker and Margot Potter. The projects include designer's tips, material list, step by step and some variations so you can expand your jewelry box adding a pair of earrings, a second color palette or a bracelet to complement your look.

To purchase the book simply write an email to dasilva@dasilvajewelry.com and I will guide you through a very simple process. Visa and MasterCard are welcome.

Be daliciuus, be fabulous and be chic with "Exposed" - the ultimate jewelry book of elegance and style.