Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Effortless astonishing FLORENCE

          Vino Santo with cantucci...a must have, a Tuscan tradition.

Una tavola d'amore. The best meal ever - a La Puglia made by our Italian mamma.  

  Trattoria Za Za...a wonderful place to celebrate LIFE.  

I am clueless about this sculpture but I loved and its located in front of a big gate in the old city.

                  Getting ready to make a Limoncello.

Theseus and the head of Medusa - just doing what Versace had asked him for....ahahahhaa

                                                            A night mirror in the water. 

Brutality, power and submission.

 Ponte Vecchio - from a special angle.

        View of Florence skyline.


" Florence, Firenze, Fiorenza ,Florentia is the capital city of the Italian region of TUSCANY, and the province of Florence.
The city lies on the Arno River and its known for its history and its importance in the Middle Ages and in the RENAISSANCE, especially for its art and architecture. The city is often considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It was long under the rule of the Medici family." (source - Wikipedia)

Surrounded by wonderful friends and my partner I celebrated my personal renaissance last September at this gorgeous city. Inside my blog sphere I have realized that I don't need to be attached to a progressive daily postage schedule and anytime is the right time to share beautiful images.

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