Tuesday, January 20, 2009


       ARAUNXE  KOKE   ODE   BABA  OFA !!!

Oshosi, (also spelt, Ochosi, Oxossi, Oxosi, Ososi), is the deity or Orisha of the forest, and one of the three warrior Orishas "Ibori" in Youruba.  
Oshosi is a hunter, and his role as an often solitary figure in the wilderness lends him another role as a shaman.  

Oshossi is o connected with all hunter cultures as well as the "caboclos" in Brazil know as the spirits of the native American dead, as well as the spirits of the forest.
Oshosi is very important for people of Brazil in Candomble and Umbanda,  both Afro-Brazilian religion derived from the traditional spiritual practises of the Yoruba people of West Africa.

In Brazil he is also identified with Saint Sebastian, who is most often depicted tied and shot of arrows,  which led to his association with the hunter deity...." (source Wikipedia)

In Brazil he is the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro and his festivities happen on every January 20Th. 

Oh, meu glorioso Sao Sebastiao,
que representa Oxossi na terra,
Que nos livre da peste, da fome,
Do frio, da sede, da morte e da guerra.

  ( public domain)

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