Sunday, September 27, 2009


Have you heard about Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian?
"These two martyrs were twin brothers from Syria who lived in the fourth century. They were very famous students of science and both became excellent doctors. Cosmas and Damien saw in every patient a brother or sister in Christ. For this reason, they showed great charity to all and treated their patients to the best of their ability. Yet no matter how much care a patient required, neither Cosmas nor Damien ever accepted any money for their services. For this reason, they were called by a name in Greek which means "the penniless ones."
In Brazil today's is party day...many people dedicate their entire day to honor the twin saints...their devotees give away cake and candies to kids that knock their doors asking for version of the Halloween Holiday. many of their devotees also dedicate portion of their time to assist homeless kids and orphans.

" Papai soltei um balao,
pr'a toda as criancas que tem la no ceu...
tem doce sinha, tem doce sinha,
tem doce la no jardim..."

May life be sweet and happy, like an endless joyful day on the beach

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