Thursday, September 3, 2009

AUGUST DRAWING - double happiness

Firstly I'd like to apologize to my followers for been late on my "become a Daliciuus™ follower" drawing. I was out of town for the last 3 days and I just got back last night and I have decided to draw 2 names to compensate the long wait.

Reviewing the prizes:
The first winner will get a signed copy of my first co-authored book "Exposed" and a full kit for the "Fireworks" project - a really cool and eye catching necklace.
The second person will get an original sample of a pair of earrings designed by me for "Simply Beads" - a beading magazine that unfortunately is no longer in the market.

The first winner is : Marcos Carioca - book and kit

The second winner is: Heather Corvey - pair of earrings

Congratulations to both of you and thanks for become part of my virtual world.
Please email me your address so I can mail it to you.

And remember, if you are not the winner today you can definitely be the winner tomorrow because other drawings will come along.

With love,

Fernando Dasilva.


Fernando Dasilva said...

Heather and Marcos Carioca,

Please, contact me so I can mail you your prizes.


Ayêska Paulafreitas said...

Estudo Brown e as informações que você postou foram muito importantes. Valeu! Obrigada!