Sunday, September 27, 2009

Night and Day

The two last pictures above were taken on September 6Th in NY . W and I were exhausted and straving and our friend V came along with us to take the train to Newark. On our way to Penn Station he suggested a stop at a traditional 24 hrs dinner in Manhattan.
So, it was fun to finish a week of all Brazilian eating a burger at an American dinner. So, if you have a chance visit this place called Skylight Dinner..funtabulous service, fabulous food and amazing place to experience an authentic facet of America.

Towards to the end of same week we flew to Florida and spent few days with our cousins in Tampa.
Below 3 views of Tampa Bay... locals enjoying their last days of Summer... beautiful place and great weather. Now I understand why so many people wants to retire in Florida.

Incredible white sand.

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