Monday, September 28, 2009

Battle of the scents

I selected several perfume ads from magazines we subscribed for this post. First time I visited the States I was magnetized by the glamorous perfume ads I saw on all kinds of media but the magazine ones were my favorite sources.

Simply because it those samples on the edge of the page that you can rip it off and smell the diverse variety of scents of each perfume. I was just wondering how effect those samples are and to me it works.
I love the simple action of rip those off and try for the first time that new perfume. It has helped me to pick a new fragrance for the coming season. Last year W gave me the first Tom Ford perfume and I loved it. W heard me saying I liked it because I had opened one of those samples and experience a portion (very small one) of that glamorous and sophisticated world of Mr. Ford. Isn't that what some brands do for us? Brands give us an ephemeral illusion that we belong to that selected portion of society that really can afford such of expensive items?
This year I have not picked any new perfume but I wonder how people select their new perfumes with so much to choose from. The variety is countless but all of them have in common an aura of sophistication and many times high profile celebrities endorsing their advertises.

Jean Paul Gaultier famous "Le male" ad is a classic and after many years it remains so elegant and sensuous without being vulgar. I have a friend in Brazil who feels very special because he's been wearing "only" JPG "le male" since it came out in the market. I think that its bottle became iconic and one of the most successful fragrance's bottle ever created. Everybody who is into brands recognize it.

Yves Saint Laurent new "La nuit de l'homme"(my poor translation it'd be: the night of a man) is occupying the front windows of Lord & Taylor in New York City. The add transmits class, power and masculinity. I tried the magazine sample and I liked it. Di not loved it!

Above is one of the pictures illustrating a story on Clive Owen for the latest issue of Details. I wonder which fragrance Mr. Owen wears it?! He was fabulous on "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts. If you have not seen run and rent or buy it on DVD. Maravilhozzo! Both are tremendous!

Above you can see that I was so excited about this cologne that I literally ripped off the sample...fabulous scent!

This is the new Tom Ford "Grey Vetiver" perfume's add. He decided to be the model as well. Mr. Ford abala tudo! He rocks! I like this one but I am still loving the previous one better. It's worth to try it and maybe you will buy this one for your honey!

Justin Timberlake for Givenchy. "Play" - what a suggestive name!?

The two last images belong to the new Dolce & Gabbana fragrances...5 of them at same time.
The inspiration comes form 5 Tarot cards - the add brought 2 fashion icons together... Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Talking about glamour and power, wow! I am not totally sure but I think the male model in the middle is Brazilian. I need to check on that...

Well, I don;t know about you but I do have timeless favorite fragrances and regardless the new additions to my tray, I stick with them until I die.

For the winter season - Zino Davidoff - black bottle - oily, strong and memorable.
For between..many...pop ones, cheap ones and sometimes expensive one (those I wear with moderation so it last longer)

How about you?!
How do you select new fragrances?
Does the add influence your taste?
With so many gorgeous and famous faces endorsing many brands, would you pick DG "The one" with Mathew or "Play" by Givencg by with Justin ?

As fars as the fragrance magazine's samples I have to say that I like it so much that I even had rub then om my when I go to the store to buy it I've known already what its on my skin. Use those samples and make them work for you.


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