Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cleansing of 46th Street a.k.a. Little Brazil

When the drums vibrated around the tall buildings in Midtown-Manhattan last Saturday morning, people in the area probably were astounded but once the parade started moving, they could not stay still and all questions were forgotten.

Unmistakably Brazil had taken over that block and a celebration of spiritual purity, peace and unification had started. It was the 2nd Cleansing of 46Th St, aka "Little Brazil" and a sea of white dressed people was dancing and singing through Midtown.

The Brazilian singer and icon Carlinhos Brown guided the parade and was a surreal and unique cultural experience in the streets of the city. The NYPD escorted the crown from 44Th St to 46Th St.

It was incredibly beautiful to watch the parade. It was like Manhattan had been transformed into Bahia...for the half of a day Bahia was Manhattan and Manhattan was Bahia. Regardless the dispute of whom is whom in Brazil, Bahia is the strongest cultural destination in Brazil and the most colorful one.

Carlinhos Brown released white doves as a symbol of peace and longevity. interviewing this blogger.

Marianne Elbert, the event hostess was wearing a Fernando Dasilva jewelry set.

Carlinhos Brown and his signature headpiece.

A vibrant crowd following the parade.

Luanda was singing the Cleansing song.

Special effect shot of Carlinhos Brown and Luanda surrounded by paparazzis.

Carlinhos all in white guiding the crowd.

One member of "Filhos de Gandhi" was at the opening aisle.

PS. All pictures on this post were taken during the "Cleansing of Little Brazil 2009 ".
If you appear in any of this pictures and you would rather not to be shown on this blog, please contact me and I will remove your image immediately.


Katie Hacker said...

AMazing! Congratulations! Your jewelry looks gorgeous.

Fernando Dasilva said...

Tks darling!