Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An updating

Hello, all my followers and readers!

I took some days off and now I am back to business. I will post few pictures of our fabulous adventures on the Caribean sea where we were able to capture amazing know...

"...I wonder through the world staring at colors...colors of Almodovar, colors of Frida Kahlo..."

I am feeling uneasy about my two winners from last month drawings.

Marcos Carioca and Heather...where are you guys!?! :(

None of them has contacted me, yet.
So, I will be waiting for their directions until the end of this month so I can ship theem their prizes. If their absense remains I will be drawing again so the non winners can have a chance again. I feel sad because I am sure some of you would love to get a copy of my book, a full kit and a ready to wear piece designed by me.

Maybe, they are JUST not that into my work...damn it!

Kisses and hugs to all.


Heather said...

Fernando, I am here I promise. I have been so busy, I just finally got to catching up on all my reading this weekend. I really do love your work and feel so honored to of won!!!

Fernando Dasilva said...

OH, my God!
You are the winner?!
I did not realized, that!Good for you...I will ship it to you this week. Congrats!
Now I am making a quick stop at the other winner's blog and leave him a message.



cade meu brinde? eu amo brindes. hahahah me manda um email para saber como retiro.

Fernando Dasilva said... seems like "carioca virtual" just learned about his prize and he is really excited about it.

just email me your directions and it will be shipped to you...

in Portuguese:

Querido, manda o endereco, caixa postal o que voce preferir e eu lhe envio daquid e pensylvania o seu livro e kit...quer dizer vc nao tem que retirar nada..o premio chegara ate voce.

Email to : or