Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been following some of the most recent looks of Demi Moore through many magazines. Demi Moore  has aged incredibly looks like she hasn't aged at all ... everytime I see a photo of her on the red carpet or at any other high profile event I get mesmerized by her natural beauty and by her outfit choices.
Everything from head to toe is impecable and she has been wearing incredible jewelry lately.
I believe that a great stylist might help a celebrity to build up a look but at the end what makes some of these fabulous, talented and gorgeous women to have a signature look is their own personal taste, their eyes for the beauty that exudes of every item they wear...accessories and clothing.

Here is one of my most recent looks by Demi Moore. Gorgeous! Chic and modern!

Photo of Demi Moore exracted by In Style Magazine October 2009.


Liz Revit said...

Fernando, so great to see your wonderful designs in the new "Four Seasons of Beading" book. Love, love, love the Saint Laurent Tassel.


Fernando Dasilva said...

Tnnaks, Liz!

I am going to upload all those projects on both of my blogs next week.
I am in Cincinnati-Ohio taking all the "step out" pictures for my upcoming book.
I have not posted here in awhile because of many issues between October and November...luckily nothing bad - just loads of work and some unexpected events to be
taken care. The XMas week will bring lots of stuff on both blogs. Stay tuned and thank you again for your sweet comics.

Fernando from Cincinnati.

Vinny said...

What I like in Fernando is that he always pays attention in the details .. LOL .. He never misses something good to look at it . Well , it comes from his talent . He's an artist !