Friday, July 25, 2008


My friend and man of style Aluizio Costa Jr.(photos above) was at the 23rd World Congress of Architecture in Torino(Turin/Italy - from June 29 to July 3rd)  to check all the new design concepts and get an update from the trade. This is an annual event for him who is an enthusiastic of design and a future architect himself. 

I think its a unique experience for him who lives surrounded by the treasures of the ancient Roman civilization and suddenly puts himself in the epicenter of the world most modern designs, characterized by futuristic environments, visual high tech products, geometric and vibrant installations. Life is a dichotomy and daliciuus in many contradictory ways.

But hey, through the pictures of him we can see he is enchanted by the visual appeal of the exhibition and I'd be as well. Aluizio manages a boutique hotel in Firenze (Florence) and will be our guard angel on our upcoming trip to Italy. 

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