Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mariah Carey's new record

Mariah released "E=MC²" last month and the first single "Touch my body" placed her on top of the Billboard charts again. I've been listening since I got it (2 weeks ago) to understand the whole mood of the record. What I like most besides the pipes is that Mariah keeps showing to the world who she is and she surrounds herself with many talented music artists making her work unique. Check these tunes out: " I'm that chick ", " I'll be lovin' u long time ", " Thanx 4 nothin' ", "O.C.C ", "Bye bye", "Cruise control" and "I wish you well". Hey, if you got a lover or a Mr. right now sing for him or for her:
"I'm that chick, you like"  

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