Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is DaLiCiuUs™

Daliciuus™ can be whatever you want. Whatever makes you feel good in certain's the first word I use to express how beautiful a jewelry piece sits on a woman's neck. How the stone matches the skin color, how the earrings move with her body, how her entire mood changed after being bejeweled by me.
Anyway, it represents my translation of  beauty and sensuality. It reflects my cultural heritage, my dramatic way of looking at things and, of course, my Brazilian daliciuus accent.
This BLOG won't be filled only with words but mostly with images of things that I consider could be one of my jewelry pieces, a woman, a man, a picture of a temple, a city, a monument, an animal, a flower and almost all will be permitted here. It can also be a song, an image, a pray or a fabulous dish. 
I will be searching for images all over the Net and using personal mementos. I'm on training but soon I will add a list of other blogs I like to visit as well.

Beijos, kisses, baci, bejos, and have fun! 

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