Friday, June 12, 2009

American Idol, Adam Lambert

An American icon is born!

Adam Lambert is in the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stones  magazine.
Below is the half page of one of the photos that illustrates the spread showing him doing his make up, which I consider the most magical moment for an entertainer before hitting the stage. That is his ritual of transformation.

I am away behind blogging but I have to mention here my admiration for the craft of Adam Lambert. I am not an American Idol fan but this last season he was the reason I got addicted to the show.

This man is so talented that I see him becoming an American icon...his talent goes beyond anything else that has been shown through AI.  

Recently Adam has decided to expose himself a little more regarding his personal life.
Good for him and good for his publicist. Every time such thing happen the power of tabloids diminishes.

I loved his music, his style, his charisma, his choices and I can't wait to buy his record. For me, he was the best thing that AI had offered me.

My fellow designer Margot Potter wrote a beautiful text on her blog about  the Adam Lambert phenomenon and I make her words mine. 

For Adam Lambert the sky is the limit!


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