Friday, June 13, 2008

St. Anthony's Day

Today I went to see my beloved Antonio.
St. Anthony Church in Lancaster-PA is magnificent and highlighted by tons of colorful stained glass and frescoes that take you to a transcendental universe. I usually go to church when there is no mass because I like to keep my relationship with God on my terms.
I got frustrated because I was expecting to find the church full of devotees carrying flowers, candles and donations to the poor during the whole day BUT church was closed. 
The janitor saw me and opened the door( I believe he was St. Peter in person opening the doors to nirvana specially for me) so I could go inside and place my roses at St. Anthony's altar and so I did. He also told me about the masses every Saturday when the service is all in old luxurious is that!!! Um luuuuuxo!!! I will pop by one of these days to check it out.
Viva St. Anthony!!!

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