Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Beginning today, the "Muse of all seasons" and Brazilian diva Gal Costa will be performing at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NY - Manhattan. 
Located in the heart of the West Village, The Blue Note  is the stage for all the big names of the jazz scene and Mrs. Costa has entered this very restricted world being herself and doing what she does best: singing.

Gal was born to sing like the most rare tropical wild bird and its a blessing to testify how she has kept the purity and lightness, swing and phrasal rhythm of her craft in perfect condition for somebody who has been in this business for over 40 years.

Gal now is not only the muse of Tropicalism or the most loyal translation of Joao Gilberto's music but Gal Costa  has established herself as a Brazilian cultural legacy and I am happy for having her as my all time singer.

Gal has not only influenced many other singers who started after her but has also created a singing school that has been followed by generations, who tried to emulates Gal on their style, on their repertoire and on their attitude.

Her name is Gal is she is the best singer of my world.

If you live in New York or visiting don't miss the chance to check Gal Costa and Romero Lubambo's acoustic performance.  I guarantee you: It will be a gift for your body and soul.

Check the Blue note website for performances schedule. 

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